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Shake Up Your New Year With These Vintage Inspired Makeup Looks

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Throughout the previous several decades, we’ve seen a lot of groundbreaking beauty trends. Fashions come and go throughout the years, with some reappearance in a slightly altered form. This year is no different, so brace yourself for a wave of nostalgia as we reveal the legendary vintage makeup trends we observed making a reappearance on the runway and soon in our regimens.

Even though we’re huge fans of modern makeup techniques like graphic eyeliner, face jewels, and negative space eyeshadow, we can’t help but bring back some vintage looks every once in a while.

The beauty sector goes through its evolution. Before the rise of social media gurus, fashion runways, and the film industry, societal norms were shaped by actors and actresses, politicians, and technological advances of the day.

However, certain makeup fads reappear in somewhat modified versions years later. Not this year, however; we’ve seen 7 recognizable vintage makeup trends coming back on the runways and soon in our everyday lives, so be ready to reminisce with these inspirational looks below.

Shake Up Your New Year With These Vintage Inspired Makeup Looks 1
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Photo By @beatsbylizzie/Instagram

The urge and desire to look like a barbie and a dreamgirl were at their peak during the 60s and mid-70s. These days too, everyone desires to look flawless like barbie, adopting the barbiecore trends.

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