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How to Determine Your Face Shape

You can choose the best beauty and fashion products for yourself much more easily if you know your face shape. As you know, you can pick the correct hairstyle if you have a general idea about your face shape. Plus, you can also choose the best glasses and makeup for your face. The good news is that identifying the shape of your face is quick and easy. To give you a better view, here are the steps to determine your face shape.

1. Get the Right Tools

Before you can identify your face shape, you need to have the right tools. Keep in mind that you’re going to get some facial measurements. As such, you’ll need a measuring tool that you can easily maneuver and bend, like a flexible tape measure. Additionally, you’ll need a pen and paper to record your measurements.

2. Take Your Facial Measurements

As you know, people have varying head sizes. However, you can still have an idea of your face shape by identifying which parts are short, long, or the same. For this reason, one of the most important steps to determine your face shape is to take measurements.

Forehead – When getting the length of your forehead, start from the center of your hairline going down between your eyebrows.

Cheekbones – To measure the width of your cheekbones, place the tape measure at the sharpest point of your cheeks, which is below the outer part of your eye.

Jawline – Some people may not have defined jawlines; however, you can measure it by placing the tape measure at the tip of your chin going towards the bottom of your ear. Then, multiply the size by two to get the full length of your jawline.

Face Length – To take the length of your face, start at your hairline (center) going down to your chin (tip).

3. Determining Your Face Shape

The last in this list of steps to determine your face shape is to check which of the four measurements is the highest or largest. You can also check the details below to identify your face shape.

Square – You have a square face if all your measurements are almost the same.

Round – When the length of your face and the width of your cheekbones are almost similar, your face is round. Usually, your jawline and forehead will also have the same measurements.

Oblong – An oblong face will have a long face length. Most of the time, the jawline, forehead, and cheekbones have similar measurements.

Oval – An oval-shaped face will have a face length that is longer than the measurements of the cheekbones. Aside from that, the length of the forehead is also longer than the length of the jawline.

Triangle – People with a triangle face shape will have a long jawline. From there, the size of the cheekbones and forehead decreases.

Diamond – A diamond-shaped face has a long face length. From there, the measurements decrease. Usually, the length of the jawline is the shortest.

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