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The Reverse Cat Eye Liner Trend Is Making Its Way Through The Makeup World

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It’s not difficult to understand why winged eyeliner has become one of the most popular cosmetic techniques in recent years. It’s simple to execute on a daily basis with enough experience, giving a small element of glitter to ordinary makeup looks. The cat-eye is also quite adaptable; the wings may be expanded for a more dramatic impact, and a bright liner can completely modify the style. The Reverse Cat Eye trick has recently gained popularity on social media, and it may become your new favorite trick.

The Reverse Cat Eye is essentially what it sounds like. Instead of applying eyeliner to the top lash line, the liner is smeared out and stretched to the bottom lash line to create a smokey reverse wing.

And, oddly (in terms of trends), this one has had a bit of a tiki tour of a trip in that the style was created and well-loved by internet beauty experts long before it hit the runways of Paris via Dior. And it’s now gone viral on TikTok, with over 6.2 million views. But, with more of us saying that we’re eager to try new things, this simple change is a lovely way to freshen up our regular makeup.

Reverse Cateye Liner trend is Making its way through the Makeup World 1
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Photo By @swativerma/Instagram

The reversed cat-eye is obtained by applying it on the lower lash line and then smudging it out of the outer corners in a wing. It is not necessary to smudge but of course, you won’t be fulfilling the trend without it.

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