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The Most Popular Nail Trends of the Holiday Season for 2021

Having manicured nails can add style and elegance to your overall appearance. For this reason, you have to make sure that your nails are always clean and manicured. You can also try different nail trends to add a festive vibe to your overall look. Remember, winter is filled with dull and gloomy days. As such, you can add some color into your life through nail art to brighten your look. So, what are the most popular nail trends of the holiday season?

1. Vibrant Nails

As mentioned, winter is dull and gloomy. However, you can add life to your look by wearing vibrant nails. In doing this, you can use different bright-colored nail polishes. You can also add lines or squiggles to make your nails more stylish. By using bright colors, you will not only make a statement. Everyone will certainly notice your hands. The best part is that vibrant nails will complement a lot of outfits, making you look chic and glamorous.

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2. Gunmetal Nails

One of the most popular nail trends of the holiday season is gunmetal nails. This design is a blend of various silvery nail polishes with a metallic appearance. Because of its metallic appearance, gunmetal is a perfect choice for those who want a futuristic yet glamorous look. You can also pair your gunmetal nails with gold accessories to draw attention to your hands.

3. Holographic Nails

Another popular choice for the holidays season is the holographic design because it can add shine to the cold days of winter. Plus, its shimmer can make your outfit chic in an effortless way. Best of all, it can be paired with a lot of colors, and it can be worn by nails of different lengths.

4. Glitter Nails

Glitter nails are among the most popular nail trends of the holiday season because it is fun and feminine. Unfortunately, a lot of women don’t opt for glitter, thinking that it can make them look tacky. However, this is not the case, especially during the holidays. Remember, the festive season is all about wearing something shiny or glittery. As such, having glitter nails will surely make you look chic and stylish during the holidays.

5. Red Tip Nails

The last on this list is the red tip nails. Remember, red is associated with the holidays; thus, this nail trend is perfect to create a festive look. Aside from that, red is also a bold color that can draw attention to your hands. However, this design will only look great on longer nails. Still, it will certainly make you look chic and sophisticated. You can also add glitter to add a festive vibe to this alluring design.


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