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Rene’s Top Fashion Tips


The scarf is an accessory that dates all the way back to Ancient Rome! Who would have thought? Not me that’s for sure, but it’s obvious that this versatile fashion accessory isn’t going anywhere soon. A good scarf can change an entire outfit and can be used in so many different ways! Layer it with a basic tee and some comfy boyfriend pants for a cool casual look or take that same scarf into evening by wrapping it a little tighter and pairing it with a pair of black skinny jeans a black tank and a blazer. If you want an edgier look use it as a head scarf or a head wrap or even a belt. The possibilities are endless! I keep a super cute floral print scarf in my car at all times just in case I need a quick outfit update. Don’t neglect to take full advantage of this incredibly versatile accessory!


Most of us learned our most basic fashion tips from our parents or possibly our older siblings. Well I’m here today to tell you to erase your mind of all you’ve been taught! No more matching the belt to the shoes to the purse. No more rules on wearing white after labor day or making sure all your colors and prints match perfectly. No, no, no! This day and age fashion is a hodgepodge of trends, and personal style and nearly nothing is outside the rules. My rule of thumb? Tread lightly when it comes to trends. Take bits and pieces of the trends you like and make them your own! Remember fashion is a way to creatively express yourself to the world! So do it!


Ladies, the most important fashion tip I can give is TO KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE and how to dress it! I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a beautiful woman who has made the mistake of wearing an outfit that just doesn’t flatter her body at all. Know your body type and what looks best on you. Are you tall, short, curvy, pear shaped, or top heavy? What part of your body do you want to accent and what part of your body do you want to divert attention away from? I will elaborate in an upcoming Viva Glam Magazine article but until then I’m giving you some homework! Go into a major department store and take some time to try on different clothing cuts and silhouettes. Take note of what is most flattering on you and what isn’t and be honest with yourself! Remember that just because it’s in style and on trend doesn’t mean everyone can wear it. The more you learn your body type and how to dress it the better you will get at making yourself look fab for every occasion!

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