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“I don’t design with my eyes, I design with my heart.”

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Interview with the Founder of Flipinista, Your BFF, Monique Friedman

What made you decide to go into the flip flops business?

I was noticing how my friends were having to take off their fabulous heels and change into their flip flops to be comfortable. When they did make the “switch”, it was always followed up with a “don’t look at my feet, I had to change into my flip flops, I couldn’t take my heels anymore.” That is when I began to dream up Flipinista, Your BFF. I wanted to take the ordinary and turn into something extraordinary. What was most important in creating Flipinista, Your BFF, is that the wearer to be comfortable and still be fashionable, glamorous and fabulous! I wanted to bring the element of high fashion to the everyday Flip Flop..and doing it a way that no one else has.

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