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Put Aside the Lip Kit! The Smudgy Undefined Lip is Effortlessly Beautiful

If you make it your business to stay on the pulse of beauty trends, then you’ll have noticed the change in lip forecast. We were all so deep and heavily into the matte liquid lipstick phase, that not many have picked up on the rest of the beauty world setting them aside. Once upon a time, not too long ago, it may have been all about the ultra matter and super defined lip. Well, it’s time to welcome its polar opposite; the smudgy undefined lip .

The Smudgy Undefined Lip

As with many current beauty trends, this one seems to have started over in Korea. K-Beauty has really plunged into the western beauty market and we are obsessed. From the sheet mask fad to almost all recent skincare cult favorite products- everything seems to be Korean! It was only a matter of time that their age-old lip trend would migrate over.

Korean makeup is all about the natural and youthful look, that’s why when it comes to lips they prefer an understated stain. They don’t even entertain the concept of matte, pigmented liquid lipsticks. It is all about the patted down, smudged out, and undefined lip finish.

How To Achieve It

Now that we’ve got you invested, it’s time to get you wearing it. What’s so great about this trend is that it’s easier than ever to achieve. Here are some of our top tips and tricks to getting the perfectly imperfect undefined lip.

Understand Your Options

The smudgy undefined lip is just that, it’s undefined. There are countless ways you can achieve this effortless looking lip. You can go for the ombre effect by applying your lip product right on the inside of your lips and letting it fade outward. There’s also the smudged “snogged lips” trend that’s so hot on the runway, which is basically applying your lipstick as it would look post-makeout.

But perhaps our favorite method is the patted away stain. All you need to do is pat on your lip product and use your fingers or a cotton bud to really pat the product into your lips and give a faded stain effect. There really is no limit to the ways you can smudge up your lips for this trend!

Shop Your Stash

If you’re planning to toss out all of your current lip products to make room for this new trend: stop! What’s so amazing about the undefined lip is it can be achieved with pretty much any lip product. You don’t need to hop on to a K-beauty website and pick up their latest lip stain. Sure, certain Korean lip products are created for the sole purpose of this look so they could be fun to try out, but you don’t have to!

The smudgy undefined lip is super easy to achieve using your usual lipstick or even a liquid lipstick! If using a bullet lipstick, then simply pat the bullet onto your lips and you’ll already have a smudgy tint. Go back in with your finger and pat the product out evenly and you’re done. It’s even easier with liquid lipsticks! Just take the doe-foot applicator and dot on a couple of dots across your lips. Then use your finger to spread the dots around. Liquid lipsticks are especially easy to create an ombre effect with if you just focus the dots in the center of your lips!


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