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Puerto Vallarta, the Outdoor Art Gallery

While many think of Puerto Vallarta as only a resort town, it is actually truly an outdoor art gallery. From the Malecón to the Huichol art to the creative architectural designs, Puerto Vallarta is home to all things creative.

As you walk through the city of Puerto Vallarta, you will find street art all around you, covering the walls in bright and bold colors. Be sure to stop and admire the murals and take photos with them if you’d like.

The first place on your art tour through Puerto Vallarta should always be the Malecón. The Malecón is the boardwalk that sits parallel to the ocean, and unlike most boardwalks, this one is filled with artistic statues.

The work of Jim Demetro begins one end of the Malecón. In Demetro’s sculptures, he showcases the dying traditions of Puerto Vallarta such as the women washing their clothes on rocks in the Cuale River (“The Washerwoman”) and people using donkeys to carry items up the streets and hills of Puerto Vallarta (“Andale Bernardo”).

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“Andale, Bernardo”

As you continue down the Malecón, you will find Rafael Zamarripa’s famous “The Boy on the Seahorse” which has become the symbol of Puerto Vallarta. You should pose for the photo opportunity under the seahorse surrounded by the letters spelling out “Puerto Vallarta”. You will pass “Searching for Reason” which encourages observers to reach higher in their search for knowledge, the surreal sculpture entitled “La Rotonda del Mar”, “Triton and Mermaid”, “The Good Fortune Unicorn”, and many more.

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“The Boy on the Seahorse”

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about the Malecón art is that you are encouraged to interact with some. So, many people sit next to the couple in the statue “Nostalgia”.

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If you can only see one art gallery while you are in Puerto Vallarta, be sure to step into Galeria Colectika which features the art of the Huichol people. It’s tribal, vibrant, and breathtaking. Many pieces here are beaded with exceptional detail.

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Finally, be sure to check out the many art galleries around the city. And step into the jewelers, as well. You’ll find many jewelry stores that feature true artistic treasures. And the boho-vibe of the fashion in the city just adds to the artistic wonder of the town.

If you’re looking for a perfect artistic adventure, Puerto Vallarta is the city to visit.


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