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Plan The Surf Trip Of A Lifetime With These Expert-Recommended Tips

The first thing you need to know about planning a surf trip is that there are a lot of factors to consider. Where do you start? How do you find which spot will be best for your group? You’ll have to think about the waves, climate, food prices, and location. Let’s explore how to plan the perfect surf trip with these expert-recommended tips. 

Consider the waves 

Many people think that the first thing they need to consider when planning a surf trip is what type of waves will be best for them, so it’s important to put thought into which waves you prefer. Some people really enjoy smaller-sized waves, while others prefer bigger waves. As evident at, there are plenty of guides and advice you can find online that can provide you with all the necessary information when it comes to choosing location, gear, and anything else surfing-related. When you decide on your preference, there are other factors to consider. For example, if you want bigger waves, you’ll need to find a location that has the right climate (i.e. warm/cold water), or else you won’t be able to surf because the water will be too cold! Other times small waves may be more desirable because the ocean floor is less likely to be rocky and dangerous.

Think about climate and food

Climate and food are important factors to consider while planning a surf trip. A location’s climate will play a major factor in the type of waves, so it’s good to know if you prefer small/bigger waves. Sometimes, smaller waves are more favorable because there is not as much seaweed on the bottom of the ocean floor. Likewise, warm water provides for better surfing than cold water due to its buoyancy without proper wetsuits. Food prices may also vary depending on location. If you’re trying to save money on food, then it may be best to plan your trip somewhere that offers cheaper food.

Figure out your budget 

Some surf trips can cost up to $500 per person, while others are as low as $200. It’s important to figure out your budget before you start planning. If you’re on a budget, this means you’ll want to look for places that offer cheaper food or places where the prices of items are not as high.  If you have a bigger budget, it might be worth the splurge to find somewhere that features your favorite foods or has better accommodations. You’ll want to know your maximum, so you don’t spend more than you anticipated. Then, break this number down into monthly payments so you can see what is affordable for you.

Finding a good location 

It’s important to find a location that will meet your needs for the trip. You should consider surfing waves, food, budget, and more. You’ll need to look at surfing waves first. For example, if you want bigger waves, then you’ll need to find a location with warmer water because bigger waves are difficult in cold water. Food is another thing to consider–are the prices expensive or will they be affordable? If there are expensive prices then it might be better to go somewhere else. Finally, it’s important to make sure that the location you choose has good surf waves for what type of waves you desire. 

Ensure accommodations are comfortable for you and your group 

Finding accommodations can be difficult. If you’ve planned ahead, you’ll have done some research on the area before your trip so you know what accommodations are available nearby. However, there are other options or things to consider if you haven’t done this research beforehand. You can find accommodation in advance by looking on sites like, Airbnb, Couchsurfing, and many others. You can also talk to people that live or visit the area often about areas they suggest staying at that don’t cost too much money – maybe even someone you know lives nearby! That way you can stay somewhere nice without paying an arm and a leg because it’s someone’s home!

Tips for packing light when going surfing

When packing for a surfing trip, it is important to pack light. If you are staying in a cabin or hotel with an in-room bath, then you will not need to bring shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. If you are staying in a cabin with shared bathrooms, then it is also helpful to pack travel-sized items of these things. It is also helpful to bring your own cup or mug for coffee at the coffee shop or diner. That way you can save money by not having to purchase cups every time you need one. The same goes for bringing your own utensils if you are eating out often. 

When you’re thinking about where to go for a surfing trip, it’s important that the location is right. Do you want big waves or small ones? Warm water or cold? Cheap food prices or expensive ones? These are all things you’ll need to think about when deciding on your preferred destination before booking anything in advance. It can be difficult to find accommodations if this is something new for you, but we’ve provided some good tips here that will make your next surf vacation an unforgettable one!

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