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Pamela Francesca – BEAUTIFUL NOMAD

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Pamela Francesca is one of our favorite actresses.
If you had a chance to see our last issue, you will recognize her from a 30 page fashion spread shot in the Mojave Desert.
You will also understand why we brought her back and gave her a cover.
Pamela is as free- spirited as our magazine.
On the following pages, she opens her beautiful mind and shares her thoughts on life with us.

“I’ve always been a city girl, but it’s in nature where I feel more at home.
Even as a city girl I need to be at some sort of distance to obtainable nature, that’s what I love about California and about my country Peru… U can be in the city but be 15/20mins from beach and forest or a few hours from desert and majestic enchanting and soul awakening scenery. If all we had to live in was an iron jungle of buildings then at one point life would be sad… Hence I don’t live war round in NYC, but don’t mind going from time to time.”

“I love working with a team like the one from VIVA GLAM who also respects and appreciates life and nature and all it posses. I don’t understand the killing of animals for fashion and or consumption when you can be super stylish and healthy without killing an innocent creature. Kat believes in that as well, and it shows in the the designers she chooses to work with and display in magazine. And I admire that. Change doesn’t happen over night, but it’s everyone’s personal responsibility to try and make a difference. As a model and actress I try and be part of projects and shoots that still relay a sense of soul and positive change even in the smallest detail of the fact that I prefer to try and use vegan leather and faux fur in my shoots. Because I’m trying to prove a point. Animals are to love not to wear. ”

“I get my biggest relief, inspiration, and comfort when I take a break from city life and venture into some form I nature- even if it’s to the coast just to watch the sunset by myself, or deep I to the park to lay in the grass and read a book under the sun. It revives me and takes my worries away, and in the moment of calm I get in touch with my soul and some of my biggest personal revelations or creative ideas have awaken from those moments. ”

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