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Amongst many other things, Kate Moss is known as a style icon. She always looks so hip and glamorous in the most effortless way. I wanted to create my version of one of my favorite shots of her, and show you how affordable it actually is to dress like a style icon.

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In the photo of Kate, she is covered in Balmain, one of my favorite luxe labels known for it’s flamboyant designs, and covering the bodies of top celebs, but let’s face it.few of us can drop six thousand or more on a jacket.

kate moss

I find that I get more thrill (and threads) out of creating a similar look for a very affordable price. In my photo I am wearing a blazer from Zara that I found on sale for $39.00. The beautiful blouse is from the H&M conscious exclusive 2014 collection for around $60.00 and the red faux suede leggings are also H&M and cost $13.00. I finished the look off with a pair of vintage black booties and the whole outfit cost less than $150.00.

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I put this together using things I already had in my closet, things that I consider wardrobe staples. Knowing that I could create more Kate Moss looks just as easily excited me, so check back soon. There’s bound to be plenty more where this came from!




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