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Our Favorite Vegan Food Finds in Central Europe

As I’m sure you know by now, whenever we’re on the road for VIVA GLAM Magazine, we begin a hunt for unique and delicious vegan food found at relatively unknown places. Sometimes, depending on our location or the region we’re in, this hunt can be harder than other times. When in Central Europe this summer, finding amazing vegan meals wasn’t always easy, but we discovered two incredible vegan food finds we just have to talk about: Vegan’s Prague located in Prague, Czechia and Spoon the Boat in Budapest Hungary.

Vegan’s Prague – Prague, Czechia

Prague, being a progressive and innovative city, has many vegan locations sprinkled around its perimeter. However, nothing compares to Vegan’s Prague over near Prague Castle. First of all, I have to note that Vegan’s is one of the only restaurants in the area that has a beautiful terrace view looking over the city of Prague. It’s worth it for the view alone; however, the food is also incredibly unique, inventive, and delicious. Unlike many vegan places that serve the same dishes, the food at Vegan’s is innovative and very cleverly put together.

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The View from Vegan’s Prague

To find Vegan’s Prague, simply put it into your GPS, and once you arrive at the building, follow the signs into the property and up the winding stairs until you reach the top. Vegan’s is upstairs, giving it the beautiful view it has, and what I loved most about it was that its vegan menu was not what you would expect. Rather than having the same old vegan meals recreating the same old meat-filled dishes, Vegan’s reinvented vegan meals, giving you fresh and delicious options.

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The Baked Sweet Potato Stuffed with Guacamole

For instance, they made an Avocado Tartar that was unlike anything I’ve had before. It was truly unique and delicious. The Baked Sweet Potato Stuffed with Guacamole was also incredibly innovative. All the ingredients were unbelievably fresh, giving them a signature taste.

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The Vegan Goulash with Cabbage and Dumplings

While you could get more familiar meals, such as a vegan burger with fries, Vegan’s also offered traditional Czech meals, such as vegan Goulash with Cabbage and Dumplings. While not presented exactly like traditional meat-filled goulash, it was definitely delicious. All in all, we can’t offer enough praise for Vegan’s Prague Restaurant.

Spoon the Boat- Budapest, Hungary

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The Hummus with Pearl Onions with Beets, Pomegranate, and Tomato Salsa

We couldn’t talk about our favorite vegan food finds in Central Europe without bringing up Spoon the Boat in Budapest, Hungary. It’s, by far, the best ambiance we’ve experienced at any restaurant. Sitting on a boat on the Pest side of Budapest, right on the Danube River, this restaurant is the perfect place to sit back on the deck of a ship and watch the sun set over Buda as the colorful lights on the bridges and buildings slowly fade on.

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The View from Spoon the Boat

Just as wonderful as the ambiance was the vegan options Spoon the Boat had available. In fact, all the food we had there was unbelievably delicious. My favorite treat was the hummus with pearl onions with beets, pomegranate, and tomato salsa. It was enchanting.

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The Mixed Salad with Avocado and Goji

I also highly recommend the mixed salad with avocado and goji (which can easily become vegan with no cheese) and the Tofu Teriyaki. Each of these dishes was exceptionally unique and carefully crafted for the most delicious taste imaginable.

Spoon the Boat had an incredible variety of vegan options all served in the best atmosphere in Hungary, making it one of our other favorite vegan food finds in Central Europe. All in all, we’re so glad we stumbled onto Spoon the Boat.

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