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Our Experience at the TMG & Cirem Cosmetics Pre-Oscar Luxury Suite

The VIVA GLAM Team Visited the TMG & Cirem Cosmetics Pre-Oscar Luxury Suite Event

It’s that time of year. The Oscars seem to take over Hollywood the weeks surrounding the big event, and parties, soirees, and luxury suites pop up all over this vibrant city. This year, to celebrate the Oscars, the VIVA GLAM team visited the TMG & Cirem Cosmetics Pre-Oscar Luxury Suite.

The event took place in the Beverly Hilton Hotel Penthouse Suites on both Friday March 2nd and Saturday March 3rd. The VIVA GLAM team visited on Friday morning to check it out.

The event was booming with brands, talent, and personalities all mingling and sharing their passions. The suite was filled with Oscar necessities. In the entrance, Grindstone Universal and XOA Lifestyle shared a table. They enlightened us on the artistic nature of their brands. Grindstone’s graphic tees were very artistic, and XOA’s retro-inspired glasses were a hit.

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Katarina Van Derham Showing Off Grindstone Universal

There was a variety of vegan food options in the room, such as delicious vegan smoothies from Planet Smoothie, as well as quinoa and other vegan options by AnnaRose Fit and Healthy.

As we continued meeting people, we had the option to have OPI manicures, makeup application by Ginny Cosmetics, and facials by Cirem Cosmetics. Cirem Cosmetics was showcasing their HCR 3-in-one-serum that moisturizes your skin without leaving you oily or shiny. We tried out the serum, and we were more than impressed. Ouidad was there offering hair services in a
spa room, as well. Their new advanced climate control kit was a hit with all attendees.

Maison Louella was showcasing a lovely line of diamond jewelry, and Kathrine Baumann brought fun diamond handbags that were shaped like your favorite characters.

Zicam was in the suite with medicated fruit drops that shorten the length of your cold. They also had little “cold monster” stuffed animals they were handing out to guests.

Soul Spark Candles was also presenting their latest collections. The candle line offers a few different smells, each with their own positive affirmation. For instance, the green represents prosperity, and the blue represents gratitude. When you remove the lid of the candle, there is a positive mantra for you to repeat inside. A little charm can be found at the bottom of the candle once it’s burned to completion.

We were personally inspired by the Passport to Beauty Box. Shalini Vadhera, our global guide, was there to tell us all about this unique product that she created. The Passport to Beauty Box is sent every 3 months to subscribers, and each box represents a different location. Each box contains $200 worth of exotic, authentic, and glamorous beauty secrets from the chosen destination that quarter. The boxes come from top destinations around the world so you can get the best beauty products brought to your door so you don’t have the get the jet-lag yourself.

We had a great time mingling with celebrities, product specialists, and people excited for the Oscars. The TMG & Cirem Cosmetics Pre-Oscar Luxury Suite was a fantastic place to celebrate the 90th annual Academy Awards.

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