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How to Optimize Your Sunless Tan

It shouldn’t really be a surprise that getting a tan under the sun is bad for your health; the sun is a giant ball of radiation, after all. There are definitely other ways for you to get a tan, some of which are easier than others. Today we’re going to be talking about spray tanning, otherwise, affectionately known as a self-tanning product.

One of the biggest problems with these, however, is that a perfect outcome is never going to be a guarantee- there are certain steps that you are going to need to take to make sure that your tan turns out right, and that it is one you can be proud of.

Exfoliate First, Tan Later

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to exfoliate, and you should do so using an oil-free exfoliator? Why oil free? Because oil would create a barrier between your skin and the tanner. Once you use the right exfoliator, you will polish away the dead skin and have a blank slate for your self-tanner. It’s an extra step but well worth it.

Once you have showered and fully exfoliated, you will want to apply an oil and fragrance-free lotion to your hands. Do this on the wrist, to the fingertips, and also to the elbows and knees. This seems excessive, but those are the areas that tend to be drier and will absorb more pigment. Also, consider using moisturizer on your face if you have dry skin.

Bend your Fingers

The tanner needs to be applied evenly to all areas of your body, but sometimes it can be difficult to get into the cracks of the fingers. Here’s the problem: your knuckles have more creases than most other parts of your body, so when you’re applying the tanner, bend them a little for maximum exposure.

Wash Your Feet

After you apply your spray tan you might actually step in fallen residue, so make sure you tape off the bottom of your feet.

Distribute Evenly

Apply the self-tanner to the center of your mitt and then fold it in half. By doing this, you will ensure that you aren’t overdoing it and that you are distributing evenly across the entirety of your body.

Make a Mitt Stick

There are going to be some hard to reach areas, and you can mitigate your troubles by assembling a “mitt stick”. You can take your tanning mitt and attach it to a stick, making it easier to take care of your back, and the back of your legs.

Wash Your Palms

After you’ve applied the self-tanner, wash your palms with soap .¨ this is a great way to ensure that the tan is streak free too. After you’ve washed off your palms, make sure you use a makeup wipe or a cotton swab to remove tanner from your nails and cuticles.

Even Out the Dark Spots

After you apply the tanner to your hands, lightly blend it out with a sponge to even the dark spots and prevent streaking.

Contour your Cheekbones

Using a small sponge, contour your cheekbones using a self-tanner made specifically for your face.

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Contour Everywhere

You can “tone” your body by contouring the entirety of your body. Start by focusing the tanner in the important areas, like your butt, abs, legs, and arms.

Speed up the Process

There is nothing more annoying than waiting for the tan to finish, so try blasting your skin with the cool setting of your blow-dryer. This will speed up the process and allow you to get on with your day faster.

Use Tal-Free Baby Powder

Some areas of your body have a tendency to crease, like your armpits, elbows, and knees. To stop this from happening with the tanner, lightly pat these areas using a talc-free baby powder.

Use Proper Maintenance

Finally, make sure that you are using proper maintenance on your tan. Oil-based products will make the tan fade faster, so make sure that you avoid them. After you have applied the tan, and once it has dried, make sure that you avoid exfoliators and go for gentle cleansers instead.

Maintaining your tan doesn’t have to be difficult; just follow these steps and make sure you’re doing the proper maintenance after the fact.


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