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This UK Makeup Artist is Behind The Most Glamorous Beauty Transformations

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As beauty obsessives, we love it when makeup artists share the process behind the glam with us. It’s the process that showcases the real transformation rather than perfectly retouched images. What’s interesting about the Newcastle-based makeup artist Gord George is that unlike other Insta-famous beauty professionals, he doesn’t like to overedit his photos. The talented British glam guru has spoken multiple times on his Instagram profile about the importance of showing real work and being honest with your followers. Many times, perfectly retouched photos set unrealistic standards for makeup artists and their clients. For this reason, Gord George is an avid supporter of the #revolutionreal on Instagram. His work is all about bringing out one’s individuality through high-glam makeup looks. Check out his most glamorous beauty transformations below.

the most glamorous beauty transformations by gord george
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Photo By @gordgeorge/Instagram

Gordon started his makeup career in 2012 and has been perfecting his skills ever since. While the makeup artist has diverse looks in its portfolio, his signature glam involves neutral bronze, gold, and brown tones.

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