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How Much Makeup Should You Wear to Work?

Cosmetics can make you feel beautiful and confident. However, wearing makeup at the office can be tricky because you may attract unwanted attention if you overdo it. For this reason, you have to wear the right amount of cosmetics. So, how much makeup should you wear to work? To answer this question, here are some workplace makeup tips.


Contouring can enhance your face; however, this makeup technique is not ideal for work. Instead, you can opt for a simple yet fresh look. To achieve this, you can hide your dark circles and other unwanted marks with a concealer. Afterward, you can finish your look with a face powder and highlight your cheeks with a light blush on.

Always remember that you should only put cosmetics on a clean face. You can also apply a toner and a primer so that your makeup will last longer. As much as possible, you should avoid using shiny or glittery makeup products.


Keep in mind that your office makeup should be subtle. As such, your goal is to perk up your eyes without looking too flashy.

One of the best workplace makeup tips for your eyes is to opt for a lighter shade of eye shadow. From there, apply your eye shadow by making a thin line so it won’t look flashy. As much as possible, you should avoid the “smokey eyes” look because it doesn’t look flattering for a professional environment. Still, you can wear mascara as long as it is not overly applied. Also, over-embellishing your eyebrows on an office day is not recommended.


Painting your lips will complete your workplace makeup. However, applying the wrong color of lipstick may make you look inappropriate and gaudy. To avoid this, you can wear lipstick with a neutral tone. Preferably, the colors you should pick are pink, brown, or peach. These shades will not only enhance your lips but make you look professional as well. As much as possible, you should avoid glittery or frosty lipstick.

Aside from those tips, you should also apply a lip liner. Keep in mind that you’ll be spending hours at work; thus, a lip liner can provide a great foundation.

Final Thoughts

All in all, your office makeup should be light and subtle. Plus, it should be suitable for a professional environment. Fortunately, these workplace makeup tips will make you look fresh, vibrant, and beautiful without attracting too much attention.


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