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Mesmerizing Makeup Looks Inspired By Zodiac Signs

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Do you believe in horoscope? Although astrology isn’t backed by any scientific proof, this mystic field continues to affect the way we look, our belief system, the way we dress, how we do makeup – the list goes on. Astrology experts can determine patterns in your behavior, the perfect crystal for you and even the sex poses you should try according to your zodiac. Even if you don’t feel connected to your sign, it’s always fun to hear daily or monthly predictions. Makeup artist Setareh Hosseini took her astrology obsession a step further, creating 12 gorgeous makeup looks inspired by zodiac signs. Scroll down to see Hosseini’s outstanding zodiac makeup and find the look that matches your sign.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

makeup look inspired by zodiac signs
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Photo By @starlit_makeup/Instagram

With the confidence of an Aries, you are ready to rock any makeup look in public, especially this dramatic zodiac-inspired one. Although neutral in the color palette, this zodiac-inspired glam made our jaws drop.

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