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Lips that are To Die For

Let’s be real, who doesn’t want lush and full lips? I know that I do. That’s why I try new lip products pretty much every month in the hope of finding the perfect lip combination. And it seems as if I finally found that perfect combo!

For me, there isn’t anything that could beat a nude lip. It goes with everything, and there isn’t any occasion that it isn’t appropriate for. But not every nude lipstick is created equal. Some of them just don’t work with my skin tone. And even if I like the color, the formula might be too drying or too hard to take off. However, the one lip kit that checked all of my boxes is The Heidi Lip Kit by Rinna Beauty

Rinna Beauty is a cosmetic brand created by the one and only Lisa Rinna. All of her products are vegan and 100% cruelty-free. In addition to that, they are also free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. The formulas of her products are to die for, and the beautiful packaging makes them amazing gifts, as well. 

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Heidi Lip Kit

The Heidi Lip Kit, aka the one I’m obsessing over, features a lip liner, a lipstick, and a lipgloss. The lipliner, named “Notice Me“, comes in a beautiful natural brown color with a peach undertone. It has a stunning creamy texture, so it’s ideal for over-lining the lips too. The “Mrs. Hamlin“ lipstick comes in a pinkish nude color with a gorgeous satin finish. The moisturizing formula glides easily on the lips, leaving an even color. And last, but not least, the “Pink Champagne“ lipgloss. This is a sheer nude lipgloss with a slight golden shimmer. The formula doesn’t feel sticky at all, but it still gives your lips that plump and voluminous look.

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The Pinky Lip Kit

Another lip kit that took me by surprise is The Pinky lip kit. As I already said, I am a nude lips kind of girl. However, if I want to go for something slightly more fun, I will choose a mauve pinky color. Pretty daring, right? The “Lil Extra“ lip liner from this lip kit comes in a neutral-toned mauve color. The formula is the same as with the Heidi kit, meaning that the pencil is ideal for shaping, lining, or filing in the lips. The “Slay All Day“ lipstick is a true pink color. It provides long-lasting hydration and even pigment. The lipgloss, called “Not so Heavy Crown,“ is my absolute favorite out of the three. It’s that classic bubble gum pink color that makes all of my Barbie dreams come true. It’s even great on its own, as it gives just enough color to slightly enhance your lips. 

If neither of these two colors speaks to you, check out the rest of the lip kits on the Rinna beauty website. The price is a steal, because for these three premium-quality beauty products, you only have to pay between $45 and $49. Shipping is free on orders over $50, and you can also buy each of the lip products individually. 

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