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Linen Wrinkles Are the Bane – Here’s How to Keep Your Linen Looking Fresh This Summer

With summer right around the corner, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that you want to break out the linens. It’s a super comfortable fabric, and it’s great for those warm weather months. If you’re living in an environment that is warm year round, then you probably want to wear it nearly every day, but here’s an important question: how do you take care of it? There are a few quick things that we want to address regarding linen .¨ things that you’re going to need to know before you start running it through the washing machine:

  • Linen is Naturally Moisture-Wicking
  • Linen Clothes are Comprised of Breathable Flax Fibers

These are two beneficial factors, however, there are some problems here was well. The breathable flax fibers are very rigid, and once they are creased, they will stay so for as long as you wear them. Also consider that wrinkles in linen fabric become set due to moisture, which the human body readily releases.

The Good and the Bad

Some people are of the opinion that the wrinkles you see in linen really are part of their natural beauty and allure, however, there are just a many people out there who consider wrinkles the bane of their existence. One thing to note is that yes, linen clothes do look delicate, but they are in fact extremely durable. In other words, they can stand up to a serious cleaning, so let’s get ready to get dirty.

Machine Washing your Linen Garments

Linen shorts, skirts, and shirts can be machine laundered on delicate, though you should make sure that you are washing in cold water. In addition to that, stay away from the harsher laundry detergents as these can cause some serious problems. Finally, as always, separate your whites and your colors (you know, that thing everyone used to do, up until around 2002?).

Removing Stains

The solution to stains in linen is club soda. I strongly recommend having a couple of bottles laying around, just in case. If you don’t have any, and if you can’t run to the store, there are some stains that can either be removed with hairspray or rubbing alcohol, though you will want to do a test spot before you go all out. As always, don’t use bleach on your clothing unless you’re doing some kind of wacky tie die experiment.

Get it Dry

Once you’ve finished laundering it, you will want to air dry it. I recommend placing it on a padded hanger or laying it flat on a drying rack. You’re probably tempted to just toss them in the dryer, but instead, be patient, and don’t wring it out. If you want to remove moisture quickly, roll each of your linen items into a towel to remove excess moisture.

Linen is very durable but it can be very finicky, as you have probably found out. Follow those steps and keep your best shirts in the best condition this Spring.

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