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Kimberly Snyder Talks the Beauty Detox Lifestyle and Gut Health

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There are now thousands of pretty people on social media trying to get famous as a wellness expert, which if untrained can be giving dangerous advice. What advice do you have for those who need to weed out the amateurs from the professionals to find the guidance they really need?

Definitely look deeper into the source, their experience and credentials, how long they have been giving us advice, and the motivation behind the advice you’re receiving before following it. There are many that jump on the bandwagon, but will eventually weed out as they probably don’t have that much to say in the long run!

I always say doing your own research is important and truly an empowering position to be in .¨ stay curious and see who may be behind an idea and why they are pushing an agenda. There is a lot of conflicting information out there, so it’s super important to do your research independently to form an opinion that is truly your own!

The average person doesn’t have the income that a celebrity does. In what ways is your plan and lifestyle attainable by the masses?

The Beauty Detox lifestyle is completely manageable and affordable for anyone! In general, fruits and vegetables are less expensive than meat and other animal products, so some may find this lifestyle less expensive than their previous diet. While buying fresh organic produce is optimal, some non-organic and even frozen fruits and vegetables are great inexpensive alternatives. On my program you also don’t have to buy expensive, pre-made raw, dehydrated or other such items that can really jack up the cost.

Since your plan is about being beautiful from the inside out, when do you feel your most beautiful?

When I feel loving and peaceful, and I have lots of energy. It sounds like a clich‚àö¬©, but it is SO true that you have to feel good on the inside to really be truly beautiful. It’s not about certain features or a number on the scale. On the other hand, it all works together, too. When you feel good on the inside, you look to food less to comfort you and shift your mood, and so it starts to be easier and easier to make healthy food choices, so you continue to feel good, and it goes around and around!

What are your five best tips for a healthy gut?

Take a probiotic. Specifically, I recommend Soil-Based Organism probiotics, which are probiotics formed from the soil, how our ancestors naturally ate probiotics from pulling vegetables from the earth. SBO probiotics are as close to Mother Nature [as possible] and a truly the best way to optimize digestion, beauty, and overall health. They work to aid and protect the growth of friendly bacteria and consume unfriendly bacteria, resulting in a healthy environment for the friendly flora in our intestinal tract.

Drink my Glowing Green Smoothie. It is a great way to incorporate tremendous amounts of greens and fruit into your diet, which are full of amazing vitamins and minerals. My GGS is also a great source of fiber, which is critical for ongoing cleansing by sweeping out toxins on a regular basis, helping to keep your digestive tract and body clean, and also keeps you fuller longer.

Hydrate! Keeping your body hydrated is so important. Not drinking enough water is a leading cause of constipation. I recommend starting the day with a warm lemon water to jump-start your digestion.

Cleanse. The importance of an ongoing cleansing regimen to maintain a healthy GI tract is vital to your gut health. Part of ongoing cleansing is ridding your body of old decomposing food which helps you move toward a new and refreshing sensation of energy and vitality. Load up on more fiber-filled veggies.

Balance healthy fats. Healthy fats in moderation are extremely helpful for your gut! Fats have many benefits, including strengthening your immune system, aid in cell, tissue and joint repair, keeps your skin healthy and radiant, and makes your hair shiny and lustrous

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