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Items to Help Make Your New Year More Enjoyable

Welcome to 2021! While we’ve lived here for a few weeks now, it’s important to point out that this is still just the beginning of the year. And our world is really shaped by our mindset and what we do with the opportunities we’re given. That being the case, it’s up to you to shape 2021 into something great for yourself. And that becomes even easier with the right tools. We’re here today to discuss the best self-care tools that will help you start the new year with peace and happiness. After all, by successfully managing all aspects of your life, you will easily become the best version of you! So, let’s get inspired by the following products, using them to help us start off the new year with joy.

Raybae Overnight Collagen Face Mask

A great, happy mindset starts at the very basics- your skin. Having beautiful, flawless skin can help amp up your self-esteem, allowing you to begin the new year with confidence. So, manage your skin this year with Raybae! I tried the whole line, and it is absolutely one of my favorite brands. While all the Raybae products are exceptional, we’re going to focus right now on the Overnight Collagen Face Mask. It’s unlike any product I’ve tried before. You apply the mask in the evening and wash it off in the morning. After just one use, my skin was glowing! It helped alleviate any lines and wrinkles I may have had, and my skin felt nourished. But it didn’t break me out either, which happens when I use moisturizers sometimes. I highly recommend using Raybae products, especially the Overnight Collagen Face Mask.

Harney & Sons Tea

A major part of the self-care process and getting yourself into the best mindset is taking time to meditate and relax. And there’s no better way to slip into relaxation than calming down with a delicious tea. And Harney & Sons offers some of the most delicious flavored teas I’ve ever had. Both the Peppermint and Holiday Tea were absolutely to die for! So, get yourself in a good, calm, motivated place this 2021 by drawing a nice bath and enjoying it with Harney & Sons Tea.

iCloth Wipes

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that technology is more important to our lives now more than ever before. We’ll be embracing the digital age even more in 2021. So, it’s important to get the latest gadgets and take good care of them, too. That’s where the iCloth Wipes come in. Especially during and after COVID, we want something that will keep our devices clean and grime-free, and these wipes are specifically made for device screens, so you don’t need to worry about smudges or smears. We specifically love the iCloth wipes because their formula doesn’t contain any alcohol or ammonia, and they are individually wrapped so you can be sure they’re moist and clean. We recommend getting a batch to keep your devices clean and protected in 2021. A clean lifestyle is the best way to motivate you for a fun and fulfilling new year.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Acne Control Hydro-Matrix

You definitely don’t want to start 2021 with acne. So, it’s important to use a product that will help keep your skin clear of breakouts to give you fresh skin and the confidence that comes with it. Oxygenetix Oxygenating Acne Control Hydro-Matrix can help rid your skin of acne while also keeping it nourished. Most acne-control products I have used in the past dry out and burn my sensitive skin. This is the first product I have tried that doesn’t do that! It’s gentle but effective- something we need from our skin care in 2021. So, start the year right by fighting acne with Oxygenetix.  

SpaRitual Lotion and Mist

It’s also important to analyze your body care at the beginning of the year. Since we’re talking about new beginnings, why not focus on having more holistic products? SpaRitual Body Care offers just that-vegan, holistic products that are most definitely unique. I’ve been using both the fragrance mist and body lotion from SpaRitual, and I have to say that they are unlike any products I’ve used before. The scents are organic and earthy, and the bottles are absolutely beautiful. Start your new year in body care that provides good scents and prime hydration with SpaRitual.

Theraderm Anti-Aging Lip Complex

While we are all about the Theraderm Anti-Aging System, which offers a complete anti-aging skincare regimen, we also fell in love with the Anti-Aging Lip Complex by Theraderm. It’s not every day you see an effective lip care product that helps fight the signs of aging on and around the lips. It has been clinically tested and proven to increase lip volume, enhances the plumpness, and helps reduce bleed lines. You want to start 2021 with perfect skin, as we mentioned before, but that includes your lips, too.

So, be sure to start 2021 right by looking after yourself in every aspect.


The Importance of Self-Care and Looking Out For Yourself


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