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Is Your Body Scrub Harming the Environment?

Many women use a daily exfoliating beauty product to scrub their faces and bodies. But did you know that many of these products contain microbeads? Scientists are now concerned about the long term consequences these microbeads may have on the environment.

Microbeads are found in many popular items in the drug store. They are found in body scrubs, but also in products such as brightening toothpaste. Last week, a campaign by marine conservationists, Cosmetics Europe, asked that cosmetic companies stop using microbeads by 2020. Why?
Microbeads are too small to be filtered by sewage systems. Instead, they float out to sea. They don’t degrade and animals mistake them for food.
Animals such as fish, birds and mammals can eat microbeads that are made from plastic. Also, coral reefs can get clogged.

Companies such as L’Occitane, Johnson & Johnson and Elizabeth Arden are currently making moves to phase out microbeads from their products. So don’t forget to read the fine print and check to see if your scrub contains microbeads. A good alternative is a cleanser made with organic ingredients such as ground almonds or apricot seeds. Happy exfoliating!

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