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Fall Skincare Tips You Didn’t Know About

Autumn brings cooler weather and as a result, skin can become dry and chapped. Protect your skin against the elements this season by a few, simple and easy steps.

  1. Use an oil based scrub. Oil based scrubs both exfoliate and hydrate your skin at the same time.
    Scrub off dry, flaky skin and start the season off right with silky soft skin that is oh, so smooth!
  1. Don’t forget to moisturize everyday. Skin needs more hydration during cooler, drier weather.
    Don’t forget to take the time to use lotion after your bath or shower to lock in moisture for the rest of your day!
  1. Baby the under eye area. The area under your eye is one of the most delicate parts of your body.
    Take extra care with this part of your face with an under eye cream because this is the first place where you can see fine lines and wrinkles!
  1. Moisturize your lips at night. Lips have few oil glands and are prime candidates for getting chapped in fall.
    Protect them by moisturizing with a lip balm at night before you go to bed.
    You’ll wake up with lips that are kissably soft and smooth!

  1. Use sunscreen. Even though the climate is cooler, continue to wear sunscreen. UV rays can be harsh in fall. Make certain to protect yourself when you are driving, walking, jogging or doing other outdoor activities. It may be cool, but the sun is still strong, especially during mid-day.
  1. Don’t forget your tootsies! Feet can get extremely dry and cracked during cooler weather.
    Prevent unsightly feet by using a creamy foot moisturizer at night and then place socks over your feet . You might even remember your mother using Vaseline that also works well for a deep moisture treatment. The result? You’ll wake up to baby soft tootsies!
  1. Invest in a good neck cream.
    Neck creams are slightly heavier than traditional lotion and work to protect the thinner skin on your neck and decolletage area. Apply from under the jawbone to the chest area each night using upward strokes.
  1. Don’t forget to exfoliate. Exfoliate at least once a week.
    By removing dead skin cells, you allow your moisturizer to absorb better into skin.
    This helps your lotion do its job!
  1. Cuticle Oil.
    Do you have that unsightly look of unkempt nails?
    Cuticle oil is a terrific way to moisturize dry cuticles that can make nails look messy.
    Simply rub the oil into your nail bed and nails will look youthful and supple again.

10. Use a heavier moisturizer. Don’t be afraid to invest in a heavier moisturizer this season. In the summer you might only need a light moisturizer and SPF, but in fall and winter, you need a product that can penetrate dry elbows, knees and feet. Moisturizer in the form of a cream, balm or thicker lotion is ideal for soft, sexy and touchable skin!

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