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Is Meghan Markle Starting a New Beauty Sensation?

In a world where the Kardashians have been considered “American Royalty,” we are thrilled to see someone like Meghan Markle taking the stage and owning her natural look.

Meghan Markle, now Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, shone at her wedding to Prince Harry. Her wedding look, as well as her every-day looks, represent America with grace and poise by being gorgeously natural. Now everyone is mimicking her natural look.

We at VIVA GLAM Magazine think Meghan Markle is changing the tides of beauty. We see her taking the attention off of the overly made-up Kardashians and moving it onto natural looks like her own. Obviously, we are big fans of classic Hollywood Glam, so we think it’s refreshing to have a real Hollywood talent with such grace married into the Royal Family.

We are even more thrilled at the impact she is making on the millions of girls and women who watched the most-recent royal wedding. By showcasing her uber-natural look complete with her freckles and simplicity, she inspired many Youtube and Instagram personalities. They are re-creating her look. Because it’s getting so much attention, that natural look is becoming a trend. In fact, many girls are starting to either draw freckles on their faces or embrace their natural freckles. We are so excited to see this glamorous yet natural style in. It’s refreshing. Especially for the summer, light makeup is unbelievably practical. And natural glam can be beautiful, too.

We’re not talking about no makeup, but a neutral lip color accented with nude-colored eye tones can be a beautiful way to have glam in the summertime. Why? This look is perfect for spending days at the pool or beach, as you want to look more practical at those locations for swimming. And as Meghan proved, that natural look works for special occasions, too. Thank you, Meghan Markle for bringing the natural look back in time for the summer!


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