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Human Extensions vs Synthetic Hair Extensions; which one is better?

Gone are the days when hair extensions weren’t a proper thing. Nowadays, they are one of the best choices to make for many ladies. And they usually get into a tug of war between human extensions vs fake hair extensions as it is hard to decide which one is better.

If you are confused between the two and cannot decide as to which one to opt for then there is nothing to worry about as we are here to help you. Here is a brief guide for human extensions vs extensions and you can use synthetic or human cliphair extensions, so you can decide the one which seems better for you.

LifeSpan of the Extensions

One of the most important queries that women ask regarding extensions is that which one will last better or more.

The human hair extensions tend to last a year or slightly more with proper maintenance and care. But please keep in mind that they require proper maintenance to last this long. On the contrary, synthetic or fake hair extensions last for a few months.

Which is easier to maintain?

Now, once you know about the longevity of each hair extension type, the next big query is; which one is easier to maintain? Because after all, you need to invest time and effort into doing so.

Synthetic hair extensions are easier to maintain. This is because they do not require regular cleaning or washing. And when you wash them, you just have to do so slightly and dry them. On the other hand, human hair extensions need all the care and maintenance that your real hair does so it’s almost twice the work and thus; women usually skip opting for it.

Which is easier to style?

Human hair extensions win this one! Synthetic or fake hair extensions will melt when hot styling tools are used on them. You’ll have to invest in specific styling tools which are made for synthetic hair extensions. But as human hair extensions are just like your real hair they can be styled through any tool that you want. No hassle at all. You can curl them, prim them and even enjoy those beachy waves.

Look and quality:

Now the biggest difference that makes the whole decision count; which one looks better? The appearance matters the most and thus, human hair extensions look absolutely stunning. They feel incredible and as they are just like your natural hair, it is hard for people to guess whether you’ve extensions on or not. It also comes in various textures and styles and shades and thus brings a huge variety.

On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions have a finer and shiny feel to them which makes it easier to guess that they are fake.


Now, it is your decision to make as to which one of the two extensions suits you the most. And oh, human hair extensions are costly in comparison to the synthetic ones, but the short term cost can outweigh the long term gains.

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