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How to Wear Silver Rings for Women

Rings are one of the most popular jewelry items among women today. It’s actually become so hard to come across a woman without at least one ring on her fingers.

There being so many ring designs out there, women today are stuffing their wardrobes with so many rings, to a point where it’s just too much. If you’re one such a person, then don’t worry. In this article, we’ll show how to set a limit for yourself when wearing rings.

Here’s how to do it.

1.     Choose rings that compliment your dressing

Wearing jewelry is a fashion statement. It speaks volumes about your style and your taste. So, you better wear them right.

While rings are just small ornaments, they can complement your dressing or ruin it. It’s that important. So, before jumping onto the first ring you see, take your time and determine if it will match your dressing.

For instance, if you’re going in a conservative outfit, avoid any festive and flashy rings — They’ll draw too much attention. Instead, choose a less showy design.

Silver rings for women can work the trick. They can easily match with most outfits.

2.     Choose which hand will bear the rings

Another big question when it comes to wearing silver rings is, “How many should I wear? And on which hand?” 

Historically, wearing rings on your left hand has been associated with romance and marriage. Wearing them on the right hand was associated with class, creativity, and professionalism.

The fingers you’ve worn the rings also matter.

So, choose to wear rings depending on the message you want to portray. However, you can also decide to wear the rings on both hands, which may look a little flashy, but it’s great for a night party.

Just ensure that the rings you wear on your hands are appropriate for the occasion.

3.     Consider the size of your fingers

The point of wearing rings is to spice up your outfit, and you can’t do that if the ring doesn’t fit your fingers.

Whether you’re wearing a halo ring, a cocktail ring, or a three-stone ring, it shouldn’t be too big or too small for your fingers. The size of your fingers determines the designs of rings you should wear.

So, if your fingers are a bit chubby, go for a simple and elegant design for your rings. These rings make your fingers appear a bit slender than they are.

If you have slim fingers, then you can opt for more complicated designs that match your style and outfit. Try silver rings for women that have more shapes and colors.

4.     Match your rings with other jewelry

Rings alone can’t help you pull off the image you want; you need to incorporate other jewelry that matches. You need a necklace, a bracelet, earrings, an anklet (if possible), and even a watch.

All these pieces need to match and preferably, be of the same material. Luckily, silver rings match with more outfits and many accessories. In fact, you can wear silver rings with gold jewelry and still look great!

People take note of all your jewelry, and so, if the rings don’t match with other accessories, you’ll look out of place.

5.     Don’t wear them every day

It’s sad, I know. But if you want your silver to remain intact and beautiful, you’ll have to give them a break from time to time. Try other pieces for different days and mix up your ring game.

Ideally, when purchasing your rings, find rings of different materials. Try gold, pearl stone, rubies, etc. If you must by another silver ring, opt for different shapes and designs.

By not wearing your rings daily, they’ll last longer, and it’ll also be good for your image. After all, you don’t want people thinking those are the only rings you have!

Final thoughts

Rings are an excellent addition to your wardrobe and style. However, you have to wear them right if you want to look good in them.

The tips above should help transform how you wear your rings, and finally, get that look you’ve always wanted!

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