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How to Wear Boho-Chic Fashion

One of the most spectacular and feminine styles that exists is the boho (or bohemian) one. Originally, the etymology of the word goes to the land of Bohemia, having been located on the territory of the present day Czech Republic. Longing for freedom and yearning to break all the accepted rules and dogmatic stereotypes of the world surrounding them, the carriers of this ideology created a very specific and, indeed, unique style, serving as an irreplaceable source of inspiration even nowadays. If you also long to be a bohemian goddess, make sure you know all the rules and style tips on how to wear the boho-chic fashion trend!

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The Main Elements of Boho Style

In this section, we will speak about a number of traits that the bohemian style is known for, among which are:

• The use of natural fabrics like linen, velvet, chiffon, silk, cotton, etc.

• Multi-layered textures.

• Comfort in everything, especially regarding shoes, which are traditionally made with small platforms or wedges.

• The lavish amount of accessories, including bracelets, sunglasses, necklaces, belts, earrings, pearls or jewels, bands, headbands etc.

• Natural tones and colors. This immediately implies the absence of neon shades.

• The existence of floral patterns, checks, ethnic-inspired prints, eclectic hints and avant-garde style accents.

• High-waisted designs, flare finishes, fringes, big accessories, lace, maxi skirts, variously textured pieces, knitted details, etc.

You shouldn’t include more than four shades in the color combos if the garments you pick are already catchy and made of some attention-grabbing materials or textures. You may instead use tones like black, gray, beige, or brown as key options, spicing them up with golden, purple, red or bordeaux shades.

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The Basic Types of Boho-Chic Style

The main trend of boho looks may be divided into three main groups:

• For the classy boho style, details like mohair, velvet, and knitwear, often complemented with jacquard deign prints, are typical.

• For more romantic looks, the application of soft and weightless fabrics like chiffon and lace are used.

• The final option is the boho hippie style, encompassing the characteristics of the hippie style and merging them with the boho ideology. The outcome of this is the use of lavish and bright colors matched with girly and romantic vibes.

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Where to Wear Boho

There are a number of occasions to sport your boho style:


Boho is simply perfect for walks with your family or friends, since it’s comfy and cute at the same time. The garments do not limit your movements and don’t act as factors for you to get tired quicker. This makes it ideal for shopping, too.


Boho can easily be interpreted into classic looks, as well. That’s why it is also recommended to wear to work. Take into account the fact that a smaller amount of shiny details and the use of more muted shades are preferable.


Finally, you can also wear the boho trend at home, since this will become a universal and extremely suitable way of having chic looks everywhere, including your home!

Celebrities who love this style include: Kate Moss, who is considered to be the founder of this style, Sienna Miller, the Olsen sisters, Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, and Neve Campbell.

Be sure to create your own boho looks, and tag us in your photos of them.


How to Create Your Own Bohemian Wardrobe

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