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A Glam Guide to Royal Ascot Fashion

With only a couple of months away from the Royal Ascot taking place, you’re most likely in the process of picking out your dress or suit – if not, here’s a quick glam guide to give you some inspiration when it comes to designing your outfit for the most stylish and prestigious event of the year. The Royal Ascot focuses on showing the crowd some of the nation’s most brilliant racehorses, but it is also a celebration of the many years of fashion that are always shown while attending such a stunning event. Not only does it focus on the betting side of things, but it also serves as a fashion parade for designers to show off their dresses or suits, which are specially tailored for the event, as Ascot is a fashionable event.

So, what do you wear to this event? It would be better if we split up the genders here – as being a man while attending the event is simple, and there’s not much thought that should go into dressing yourself as a man. Remember to enhance the brightness of the sun and wear a bright, vibrant suit in a color that matches your facial features. The majority of men you will see at the event will be wearing suits with or without a bow tie– it’s up to you whether you want to wear one. It also depends on what enclosure you’re in; for example, in the Royal Enclosure, it is required to wear a tie and black shoes, and every enclosure has its own requirements. So, read up on what your enclosure allows. Going without socks is a bad idea, as every enclosure has a requirement that you must wear socks.

For women, it’s not as easy as just picking out a three-piece suit in one color – if only it were that simple. You can usually get a full outfit for a specific price, which includes a dress and a gorgeous hat. There are some rules that you will need to take in account while picking out your dress – following the dress-code is important, and again, reading up on your enclosure’s requirement is also important. The Windsor enclosure allows more freedom to what is acceptable; dresses that are off-the-shoulder, Bardot neckline, and halter-neck are allowed, but not in the other enclosures. Miniskirts are also a no-no in any enclosure, as they expose your midriff – keep it classy.

For inspiration, formal dresses are your best option. Special occasion dresses and hats go a long way and hold a modest, acceptable length, and a fantastic dress with even a bolero jacket if it may get colder during the day. A day full of a unique experience and dressing for the occasion is part of the fun, and of course, the betting. Betting is a huge part of the Royal Ascot with almost every betting site offering free bets at Royal Ascot; not only does it give you an insight on the betting side to things, but it gives you a chance to get some extra cash.


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