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How to Match Your Colored Contact Lenses to Your Eye Makeup

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, which is why most people seek to highlight and accentuate their eyes. Most of the time, this can be done through the help of contact lenses and eye makeup. With multitudes of colors and shades you can choose from in the market today, it is essential to know which one will complement your eyes the best. If you want to know how to do it, keep on reading.

Quick History of Eye Shadow

Hundreds of years ago, eye makeup, came in forms as simple as a fine powder. The use of this has been first traced to Ancient Egypt in the black pigment called kohl. Kohl has been used by Egyptian royalty to enhance their physical appearance, especially during religious ceremonies. Eventually, this practice has reached Rome and Greece, where people use this just for being physically attractive, even outside of religious events. Wearing eye shadow has been linked to being a member of the upper class, as it was an expensive product.

Quick History of Contact Lenses

Though the modern contact lenses are a lot different now, the idea of using contact lenses have been linked to famous artists, mathematician, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci in 1508. Fast forward to 1936, William Feinbloom, and optometrist in New York, introduced contact lenses that were made of a combination of glass and plastic. Then, in 1948, Kevin Tuohy from California introduced plastic contact lenses or gas permeable contact lenses that we use today. Eventually, it has evolved into using breathable contact lenses and colored ones not just for vision correction but as an accessory.

Choosing the Right Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are available in both Plano and Prescription forms. Prescription contact lenses can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Plano contact lenses are worn for cosmetic purposes only.

Colored contact lenses come in three tints:

  1. Visibility – A light blue or green shade added to a lens to help users in inserting and removing, and are not visible when worn.
  2. Enhancement – A translucent tint that is perfect for people with light-colored eyes who want their eyes more vibrant. You can buy colored contacts for light eyes + tips at
  3. Opaque – Non-transparent tint can change your eye color completely and are perfect for those with dark eye colors. This also includes theatrical and costume contact lenses.

A Brief Guide On Matching Your Eye Color To Your Eye Makeup

One common question that has been raised is, “how can I choose eye makeup color that will match my eyes?”. A principle that will be very helpful to follow is using the color wheel theory. It uses colors that complement each other to highlight your eyes. You can also use colors beside each other in the color wheel if harmony is what you are after. Here is a quick guide:

  1. Blue Contact Lenses – If you have eyes in the color of the ocean and the sky, you can go for the classic warm neutrals, to make your eyes pop. It also goes well with shades of pink, and if you want to intensify things, a bold fuschia can do your eyes wonders. Dark blue eyeshadow will also match the tone of your eyes while using green eye makeup will give it a subtle boost.
  2. Green Contact Lenses – For those who opt for eyes like emeralds, the best shades would be purple, plum, lilac, and violet. The deeper the purple is, the more intense your eyes will look. If you want to go for matching, it would be better to go for darker greens like forest shades and emerald greens. Another thing to try is complementary schemes, which can be gold, yellow, and coral.
  3. Hazel Contact Lenses – Beautiful chameleon-like hazel eyes are a mix between brown and green. Basically, this means you can play around with the colors that fit them both. The best eye makeup will be darker tones like smoky black and brown. If you want to be bolder, lavender and orange will make the green in your hazel eyes pop.
  4. Brown and Black Contact Lenses – Brown and black eyes are very versatile, and people with these eyes can pull off any form of eyeshadow. To accentuate your eyes, bronze, gold, metallics, soft pinks, and vibrant blues will be perfect to use.
  5. Gray Contact Lenses – Natural gray eyes are very rare, which is why many people seek to get colored contact lenses in this shade. The best color palettes for grey eyes are those that bring out blue, green, or brown undertones. Smoky eyeshadows are usually the way to go, and hues like steel play up eye colors like this.

Final Thoughts

Contact lenses and eyeshadow both have the power to improve the overlook and give emphasis to the eyes. Follow through these guidelines, but don’t forget to play around and enjoy it. What’s important is that you feel good and beautiful.


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