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How to Match Your Bag to Your Outfit 

It’s more common that we’d like to admit. We get all dressed up and ready for an event. We can’t seem to hold our excitement. We reach for a purse… and we realize that we don’t have a bag that matches our outfit. It’s a regular problem, as generally, we tend to put so much importance on the clothes we are wearing that we forget to pay attention to our accessories, which are an equally important part of any look. So, let’s all vow not to do that anymore! Instead, let’s discuss how to match our bags to our outfits so we never find ourselves in that situation again.

Pair Your Purse to Your Other Accessories

While it may seem simple, many people don’t actually think about pairing their jewelry to their other accessories, but it’s very important for an overall cohesive look. For instance, it’s likely that your bag has metallic accents on it, whether it be chains, handles, clasps, etc. These metallic accents should match your jewelry. If your bag has gold-colored accents, pick gold jewelry pieces. If your bag has silver-colored accents, be sure to pick silver jewelry pieces. It’s these small but important details that will have you standing out and stealing the spotlight. 

Pair Your Purse to Your Clothing

This probably goes without saying, but it’s important to match your purse to the clothing you are wearing, as well. For instance, if you are wearing a solid-colored dress, be sure to pick a purse that is either the same color as your dress (for a monochromatic look) or one that is a matching color to your dress. If you are wearing a dress that is heavily patterned, pick one of the smaller, more scarcely used colors in the pattern of the dress and pair a bag of that color to your look. 

Vibrant-colored clothing articles are best to pair with lighter-colored bags, so your look isn’t too extreme (and vice versa). And if you’re having trouble, it’s safe to say that a black purse goes with almost every outfit. In the same vein, you can rock a little black dress with almost any purse. 

Match Your Bag to Your Fabric

Another important element to consider when picking out a bag is the material it is made from. Generally, bags made of a similar fabric that your outfit is made from are a safe choice. For instance, velvet can go well with velvet for an all-velvet look. If you’re wearing denim, a denim bag will match nicely. Pleather and vegan leather bags tend to go well with any type of dress fabric, so it is a very safe choice. 

If you’re looking for more of an artistic choice, you can mix different bag fabrics with different outfit fabrics and patterns, but you will need a good, fashionable eye to edit your look before leaving the house. 

It is important to remember that different types of fabrics are worth more than others. Sometimes, for durability, it’s worth it to go for a higher price point to have a bag that will last longer and be used more frequently. So, be sure to review the Goyard Tote Price or the price lists of your other favorite bags to see what you can afford. Pro Tip: If you can afford a bag with a higher price point, it may very well be worth it for the lasting, better quality.

Color Blocking 

While we already discussed a bit about about pairing the color of your bag with the color of your clothing, there is still more to it. It all comes down to how well you know your fabrics and colors and how to match them without clashing. So, here are a few additional things to keep in mind.

Please remember not to only consider the color of your clothing but the color of your skin tone, as well. Blues and cool colors go well with those who have cool skin undertones while reds and other warmer colors will match better with those who have a warmer skin tone. Bags that have multiple colors or that are already color-blocked when you purchased them will go better with simpler, plain, single-colored dresses and outfits. Remember, a purse is a great way to add a pop of color to a monochrome outfit, too. 

Now that I have you thinking about the rules of bag styling, I hope you realize that picking a bag is more difficult than you originally thought. It is a choice that requires thought and care. So, the next time you plan an outfit for a special event, be sure to consider how to match your bag to your outfit in the pre-planning stages of your event. That way, you will enter the venue and easily steal the show. 

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