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How to Know if Your Makeup Has Expired

We’re constantly trying to remain on the pulse of beauty releases. As avid makeup lovers, it is simply what we do best. If you check Sephora’s “Just Arrived” page daily, know that you are not alone! A true beauty addict knows that it’s all about collecting. Yes, you may have a million neutral eyeshadow palettes, but look at that gorgeous burnt red in that one! You need them all.
We are all about treating yourself and buying whatever your little heart desires; that is, until your little bank account says otherwise. Where it gets problematic is when collecting turns to hoarding and you continue to use years-old makeup. Expired makeup is commonly found in almost every makeup collection, and we’re here to make sure you cut it out! It is time to keep your collection in check.

Silent Killer

When you buy a cheese or milk, it lets you know when it’s time is up. You go to reach for it, gag at the fungus and throw it out. Well, makeup is a lot more subtle about things. You can go years using the same makeup without noticing whether it’s expired or not.

Especially with powder products, there is absolutely no sign of expiration. As far as you’re concerned, this means that
makeup simply doesn’t expire, right? Oh, so so wrong.

Best Used By.

Your makeup may be discreet about it, but it definitely lets you know when it is time to toss it aside. We all look to the back labels of every product to check out the ingredients, read the directions for use, but we all glance over the most important thing back there!

Typically at the bottom of the back label of every product is a little drawing. This drawing looks unusual at first, but once you realize what it is this will all make sense. It is essentially an open jar with a number above the lid. What this means is pretty straightforward: once you open the product, that number is the amount of months before it expires.

It is crazy to think that this is on every single product and so many people have no idea. We just glance right past it. Your makeup does have an expiration date and the product does tell you precisely when that is!

Why You Should Care

You may argue that you’ve gotten by just fine without caring about the expiration date. Well, to put it bluntly you’ve been living on borrowed time! Expired makeup can be extremely dangerous.

If we’re talking about any products used around your eyes, then a likely side effect is swelling and conjunctivitis. Your eyelid can swell up and get red and sore. This is a very likely reaction you can have.

Skin products are even more concerning. The longer you continue to use your expired makeup, the more likely your skin is to react. If you’ve noticed you’ve been breaking out and your skin’s texture has been rough- there’s a good chance it is a result of expired makeup!

If medical symptoms aren’t enough to raise concern, then the efficacy of your makeup might be. You may not notice it initially, but the quality of your makeup is going to deteriorate the longer it goes past it’s expiration date. The texture and finish changes and things can get messy.

Keep Track

Now that we’ve given you the wake up call we all needed, it’s time to do something about it. Pay attention to your makeup. If you buy too much to remember, then keep a note on your phone of the date you opened each product. That way you can make sure to not stick with something any longer than you should.

It can sound daunting and you may feel like your money is going down the drain, but the truth is it’s doing more harm than good to cling onto your products.

Now, we aren’t cruel; we will say that powder products can often go a little longer. When your eyeshadow has passed it’s time you will know. The powders will often get chalky and you’ll struggle to get any onto your brush. Once you hit that wall; it’s time to say goodbye.

We can often get strong emotional attachments to our makeup, but just like an old relationship, you have to let go eventually for the sake of your health.


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