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How to find the perfect pair of sunnies for your face shape


Purchasing a ‘perfect’ sunglass won’t be ‘perfect’ without incorporating one’s facial shape and structure. Because, the fitting of a sunglass is significantly determined by individual face shape and outline which is a combined ratio of forehead, cheekbone and jawline. And if you don’t consider these parameters while purchasing a sunnies, your smartness won’t look as appealing as you imagine.

However,  choosing a sunnies as per face shape may sound confusing at times but with these 4 steps you can solve the problem at home just with a measuring tape in hand. This is how these steps could be accomplished.

  • Measuring length of your forehead: starts beneath the foreskull and make convexial shape
  • Measuring wideness of your jawlines: from bottom tip of one ear to the bottom tip of another ear
  • Measuring length of your cheekbones: starts underneath of both eyes
  • Measuring overall face length: from the middle of forehead to middle tip of jaw, dissecting in a straight line.

Thus once you infer a basic idea regarding your facial structure, picking a pair that suits you flawlessly, won’t be so painstaking. Therefore, go through the following sunglasses described as per facial shapes and pick the right one.

How to pick best sunglasses as per facial shape

Your face is your mirror of soul! Hence, you must not crumble with the facial approach and flaunting with a wrong pair of  sunglasses. Here are the major facial shapes that have been outlined and proposed with suitable sunglasses pairs.

1. Round

Round face shape is popular for homogenous curves and blunt angles. In fact, no striking features are wide in this face type. Thus the main imperative while choosing a sunglass for a round face is to let the face look thinner and sharper. Hence, any angular sunglasses pair well. You can also give it a try to colourful pairs, not the brazen one of course.

Best pair suggested: square, aviator, rectangular, butterfly or cat eye

Avoid: round, oval or rimless sunglass pair

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2. Oval

The best face shape out of all. Because, each individual feature is so evenly distributed that any frame impeccably matches with this face shape. Although it partly resembles a round face structure, the elongated portion onwards from the lower mouth curates the oval shape. Jawlines, cheekbones and length of forehead are equally proportionate with this face structure.

Best pair suggested: round, oval, aviator, wayfarer, square

Avoid: over embellished or embroidered frames

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Rean Remmy 49| $108Electric Encelia| $160Bora Bora| $32

3. Square

Most angular face shapes. Notable features are wide forehead and sharp jawlines. Another notable feature of this face is high, width length ratio and intersection of checklines straight in perpendicular with both forehead and jaw bone. Hence, the ideal pair would be a round and oval sunglass pair, because these will tone down the overexposed portions.

Best pair suggested: oval, round, cat eye, brow line, sometimes embellished frames

Avoid: angular frames

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Smith Somerset| $139A New Day| $14.99Sunski Foxtrot| $51.99

4. Oblong

Oolong face shapes otherwise known as rectangular facial structures. Major features of this one are long faces, narrow cheeks and chins. Forehead and jawline ratio are almost proportional. Hence,any  oversized sunglasses really go well with this one. You can also try deep and colourful lenses or vintage style frames.

Best suggested pair: oversized or wrap style

Avoid: narrow and small frames as compares face size

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Azalea| $18Spyflin 5050| $149.5Otis Coastin| $230

5. Heart shaped

Heart shaped faces have wide forehead, high cheekbones and narrow jaw lines. The face angles and features’ extensions gradually start to confine or narrow down from the forehead. That’s why the name suggests. In geometrical terms this face is also qualified as a triangular face. Cat eyes sunglasses look stunning with this face shape.

Best suggested pair: cat eye, round, rimless, aviator, shield frame

Avoid: highly colourful frames

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Linger| $24Coast at Eyebuydirect| $24Satellite| $21

6. Diamond

Diamond face shapes are notable with narrow jawlines and forehead and broad cheekbones. In this structure, the existence of jaw lines is almost insignificant. However, to moderate down the facial curves oval and rimless sunglasses are best suggested.

Best suggested pair: oval, round, rimless

Avoid: wide rim frames

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Genoa| $26Rean Clevy| $140Lito| $24

Looking stylish is a matter of perception and invention of what fits whom! Hence, it’s not a common practice rather a skill of aestheticity that’s improved with time. With this description of picking sunglasses according to face shape, you can enhance your style and flaunting perception. Hence, keep flaunting after considering as well as blending self ideology of flamboyance. 

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