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Finding Your Fashion Aesthetic Is All About Experimenting

Look, we’re all for the functional and comfortable trend, and because the vast majority of us are still tied down at home and working from the couch, we fully understand why dressing up might not be among your top priorities. And while travel restrictions are easing and going out has certainly become an option, most people still prefer keeping to the safe side and biding their time in the comfort of their homes as usual.

However, there’s a level of self-expression that comes with discovering your fashion aesthetic that we believe many people have grown numb to feel because we’ve spent too much time in our PJs and baggy clothes. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with wearing the same set of outfits, we think everyone should try finding their fashion aesthetic again by experimenting with different clothing choices while the opportunity is still vibrant.

#1 Do A Closet Review

The first step to finding your fashion aesthetic and trying something new is by taking a rain check on your currently available clothes and doing a full-blown closest review. In doing so, you’ll quickly identify which ones you often default, whether staying inside or going out and what options often get pushed to the back of the closet and never see the light of day. This will give us a rough benchmark of where you currently stand on the fashion side of things and how we should approach new styles. 

  • Start With Colors You Wouldn’t Normally Wear: If you’re not too keen about trying something extravagant or making a huge leap of faith, then you can begin by choosing colors you wouldn’t normally wear. For example, a closet that features way too many dark hues of blues and blacks is the perfect opportunity to try lighter shades, and because the best summer outfits are vibrant, you’ll find yourself at home with the season.
  • Try Dressing Up With Unfamiliar Territory: For those that welcome the idea of a wildcard and jumping straight into the thick of it, we strongly recommend dressing up with unfamiliar territory. So, if you often wear very casual outfits that just match shirts with jeans, maybe try to step it up with a smart casual suit next time and change up your shoes as well.

#2 Look To Fashion Icons And Celebrities

We know how difficult it can be to wrap your head around fashion trends because not everyone’s blessed with an eye for what looks good and what does not. However, an excellent workaround for this problem is by looking at your favorite fashion icons and celebrities and giving their fashion tastes a try yourself to find out if the same works for you. 

  • Mimic Their Style But Not 100%: Of course, we strongly oppose the idea of just simply becoming a reflection of their outfits. You can mimic their style but not 100% of it because that just takes out the “self” from self-expression. For example, Frank Jackson is among the most stylish NBA players out there, so you can definitely use his outfits as a guideline.
  • Mix And Match To See Where You’re Comfortable: Since we are on the topic of taking inspiration from celebrities, we advise you not to just stick with one person but try mixing and matching icons you feel would go perfectly together. As a result, you might just find something that looks extremely good on you and is a unique aesthetic that you’ve concocted by incorporating different styles and outfits.

#3 Never Forget To Add A Personal Touch

Last but not least, while trying new things and taking inspiration from others are all excellent ways of experimenting with different outfits, never forget to add a personal touch that will still keep you comfortable in those clothes. Remember, a huge chunk of self-expression through fashion is also founded on being comfortable and wearing something that won’t hold you back, so a personal touch is important. 

  • Accessories And Layers: Accessories and layers are both equally excellent methods of adding on top of an already bombing outfit, and with a few tweaks here and there, you can elevate your style to another level. For example, you could try incorporating your quirky side with a Star Wars ring or something exotic like a woven clutch bag, or maybe even cover up with a windbreaker on chilly days.
  • Tailor Your Clothes To Fit Perfectly: While some people enjoy the luxury of having clothes fit them perfectly right off the shelves, many of us experience a few problems here and there because it’s either too tight or loose. However, tailoring your clothes is a fix not too many people actually try, and it can make any outfit look a million times better because you can have every dimension of the clothing to complement your features.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Expressing Yourself.

Overall, we just want to remind everyone that expressing yourself is part of life, so don’t be afraid of trying on new clothes and outfits. So, take this summer opportunity to discover your fashion aesthetic and let all those creative juices run wild. 

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