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How to Dress This Winter and Not Look Like a Snowball

Everyone loves wintertime – a bite in the air means you get to wear more of your favorite seasonal clothes; but the colder the air, the more clothes you need to wear. This can present as a problem when you consider the more clothes you were, the rounder that midsection becomes. Unacceptable just for the sake of cold weather! We have a few tips and tricks on how to dress this winter so that you don’t necessarily walk out of the house looking like a snowball.

Don’t Forget Your Thermals

First thing’s first: no, they’re not the sexiest items on the market, but thermal clothing is vital in the wintertime if you’d like to avoid wearing bulky sweaters and coats and scarves all at the same time .¨ the very thing that’ll have you looking like a snowball. Thermals, otherwise known as long johns or long underwear, should be worn on top of your under garments, but underneath your regular clothing. Thermals do a great job of trapping your body heat, so that it doesn’t escape through the air circulating around your body. Wearing thermals might mean that a sweater is all you need, as opposed to a sweater, a scarf and a winter coat.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Getting from point A to point B is what’s difficult in the wintertime. You leave the comfort of a warm home and walk to a friend’s apartment; you need those extra layers, just not necessarily before and after. What’s a person to do to avoid feeling like a plump snowball before and after your walk? Never underestimate the power of layers. Thermals, long sleeves, a coat and a scarf will help keep you warm for the commute, but the ability to shed layers once you arrive (or along the way) will keep you from hobbling around your destination like a chubby bunny.

Much Can Be Said for Keeping Extremities Warm

So many people focus on warming the torso when it’s cold out. While you don’t want to sport a bare midriff in the snow, sometimes all that hoopla surrounding your midsection simply isn’t necessary. Try this instead: wear a hat, wear gloves, and wear legitimately warm socks. Keeping your extremities warm will work wonders for the entire body, and will keep you from having to wear unnecessary items that bulk up your body.

Find the Right Coat

If you’re going to splurge on any item of clothing, a winter coat should be it. A good winter coat will do its job keeping you warm, it’ll fit you well, it’ll look good, and it’ll be worth every penny. Consider splurging on a coat for every occasion: a dressy one for those date nights out; an ski coat for those snowball fights outdoors; and a stylish trench for shopping around town or getting two and from work.

Don’t be that person who looks like a character out of A Christmas Story this winter: almost unable to walk you’re so bundled up. Dress smart; dress stylishly; and enjoy every bit of the garb you’re only able to wear one season a year!


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