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GUNAS: The Luxury Vegan Handbag That Radiates Compassion

Being a vegan for 22 years, I love seeing the change in the world of fashion. More and more companies are now using alternative materials to leather, fur, and even feathers. We are really seeing a new world open up for a luxury vegan reality.

Over the past few years, I’ve come across a few vegan handbag labels, but GUNAS truly stands out among the rest. Besides being fashionable, the handbags are of great quality, and they radiate passion, love, and compassion that their creator Sugandh pours into them.

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Sugandh G. Agrawal is both a designer and animal lover who started her independent handbag label in 2008 because of her compassion for animals.
The name “GUNAS” means
“attributes and qualities of nature”. It is also a part anagram of Sugandh’s name!
Sugandh quit her seven-year corporate career at KitchenAid to start GUNAS as a beacon of cruelty-free fashion in New York.
She believes that GUNAS’s heart and soul is the voice of animals. Why? Because Sugandh says that animals are not intended to be used for fashion.
Instead, she inspires women to look and feel great without harming other living beings.
She also believes that ethics and compassion are the inevitable future for fashion.

I love that this woman creates her collections based on the attributes found in the world of animal warriors.
We all have a bit of a glamorous diva, angel at heart, champion with a rebellious attitude, and an explorer who yearns to travel far and wide in us.
These warriors are all represented in Sugandh’s creations.
Even her logo, which is a knot of infinite love, represents the love of animals, nature, and people.

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GUNAS offers the rare and precious gift of love, compassion, and respect for all living things. This label is a reminder of what is really important in the world today: kindness and awareness of our planet for ourselves and future generations to come.


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