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How to Dress for an Office Holiday Party

Everybody loves dressing up for holiday parties, but what do you do when it’s time for an office event? Office parties are fun but dressing up for the occasion can be tricky since you’d have to aim for a look that’s professional but not boring.

Aside from showing off your glamorous pair of heels, you can use the opportunity to impress your coworkers and boss with some light banter. Rest assured, we’ve prepared this fantastic guide so that you know what to wear to your work bash.

Here are some fashionable looks you can try out:

The Sparkly Look

Do you have a sparkly dress or top that you have been dying to wear? A work holiday party might just be the perfect occasion. However, it’s best you only try out the dress if the party is scheduled for after-work hours and outside office premises. This will give you more freedom to let your hair down and try out some exciting trendy pieces from your wardrobe. To ensure your outfit is appropriate for a work event, make sure all the other pieces are subtle. Keep funky jewelry to a minimum, make sure your neckline isn’t too low-cut and your hemline too short, and you’re good to go!

The Professional Look

Opting for a professional look is a better option if the party is scheduled during work hours or if it’s your first holiday party in the organization. Start off with a classic pair of work pants and throw in a cute blouse along with a nice pair of black heels. A red top or shirt is a good option if you’re aiming for a festive look. However, if you’re not too keen on adding color to your outfit, play with accessories instead. Pair in a lovely statement handbag or choose one piece of chunky jewelry. You can also let down your hair if you’re afraid of looking too uptight.

Themed Outfits

While some people may disagree, themed work parties make it easier for attendees to decide what they ought to wear to the event. For extra measure, discuss your outfit with your colleague in advance to avoid any mishaps since you obviously don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons. Remember, being festive does not mean going over the top.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a small guide to how you can create your outfit:

  • Step 1: Kick off with something safe that’s a part of your usual professional attire. You can opt for a classy dress, a suit, a skirt and blouse, or pants and sweater. Add your favorite pumps or blazer to the equation, and you’ll end up looking classy.
  • Step 2: Add an exciting piece to your outfit such as a pair of pretty earrings, a glamorous shirt, sexy shoes, etc. Opt for your favorites as this will help add more personality to your outfit.
  • Step 3: Focus on the finishing touches: paying attention to shoes and accessories. Show off your favorite handbag or bring out your fancy pair of earrings.

As an added tip, be cautious of sheer fabrics. The venue is likely to have bright lights so make it a point to avoid super sheer materials. This will also save you some trouble when it’s time for photos.

Additionally, ensure you’re comfortable with the outfit you have picked out. Practice walking around or sitting down in your dress to make sure it isn’t too short. After all, you don’t want to be fixing your dress or adjusting your shirt every time you’re getting up to speak to your manager.

Keep these simple tips in mind, and you are guaranteed to have fun!

Author Bio:

Christine Rudolph is a passionate fashion and lifestyle blogger. Currently, she is associated with a Florida-based women’s clothing store .’Sophie and Trey‘. Follow @RudolphBlogger to stay updated with latest fashion trends and standards.
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