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How to be a Sexy Bombshell

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A sexy bombshell doesn’t hide her beauty under makeup. Instead, she uses makeup to accentuate
her natural features. She understands the stronger and weaker elements of her face. If you are one of the lucky ones who don’t need much, all you need to do is to enhance or focus on one feature. Play up either your eyes or your pout depending on which is strongest.
If you have features that require a “little correction” don’t be afraid to use sculpting and strobing so your face looks more symmetrical. In general, being sexy is not about how much makeup you wear. It is about making people say, “You look beautiful!” rather than, “Your makeup looks good tonight.”

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Complete your sexy bombshell look with a spritz of your favorite fragrance. It will make you smell great and will uplift your mood. Most importantly, it will make you feel desirable.

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