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How to Achieve a Flawless Makeup Finish for Your Audition

Candace Kita Gives an Important Makeup Tip For Actresses

When going into an audition, many actresses stress about how much makeup they should have on. Should they wear false lashes? Should they do a smokey eye? That answer changes. The amount of makeup you should wear completely depends on what you are auditioning for. For instance, the ingenue type shouldn’t have as much makeup on in an audition as the woman auditioning for the bombshell. There is one consistent makeup tip, however, that carries across all female auditions: wear foundation, concealer, and powder.

Foundation, concealer, and powder should serve as your base for every audition, and Candace Kita is here to tell you why in the above video. She also shows you the correct way and order to apply these.

Personally, I believe there are two strong reasons why you should always follow this rule.

First, the way you look with these three products on your face doesn’t drastically change the way you look in person, but it can drastically change the way you look on camera under the hot, bright lights. But that change is for the best. Wearing foundation, concealer, and powder gives you a flawless makeup finish, hiding any blemishes or skin issues that may have arisen. Not only that, but it gives your face a little more definition to have it covered with those three products.

Second, that’s how you will look on the day of the shoot if you book the job. And those casting the project will want to see how you will look on the day. No matter what look any makeup artist is doing to your face, he or she will always start with foundation, concealer, and powder. That product trio can look natural, go on before any special effects makeup, and compliment a more dramatic makeup look. No matter the amount of makeup applied, foundation, concealer, and powder are a must for a flawless finish.


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