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How Sleep Hygiene Can Help Us Get Even Healthier

Good quality sleep is essential for optimal health. In fact, a night of poor sleep may negatively affect your immunity, productivity, and energy levels. From there, continuous lack of sleep can lead to health problems. For this reason, experts recommend creating good sleep hygiene for a healthier you. Remember, you will be able to boost your health if you develop nightly rituals and practices that promote uninterrupted sleep. So, here are some ways good sleep hygiene can make you healthier.

What is Sleep Hygiene?

Sleep hygiene was developed to help manage insomnia. As you know, individuals with insomnia have problems falling asleep. However, there are some practices, rituals, and environmental factors that can help promote better sleep.

Good sleep hygiene is a set of behavioral habits or rituals and environmental practices that can promote uninterrupted sleep. With these habits and practices, you’ll be able to get consistent rest at night and wake up feeling refreshed and alert. Once you’re able to get good quality sleep every night, you will become healthier.

Ways Good Sleep Hygiene can Make You Healthier

1. Strong Immune System

Always remember that getting enough sleep is vital for your health. For instance, a good night’s rest can improve your body’s ability to fight common ailments, like flu and colds. Remember, a day of sleep deprivation can compromise your immune system.

As presented in one research, participants who were sleeping for less than seven hours were more likely to get common colds compared to participants sleeping for eight or more hours.

2. Sharper Memory

One of the best ways good sleep hygiene can make you healthier is by improving your cognitive functions. Some of you have experienced feeling hazy when you don’t get enough sleep. The reason is that sleep deprivation may lead to a decrease in motor and cognitive performance.

Keep in mind that your brain is remarkably active when you sleep. During this time, your brain allows your nerve or brain cells to reorganize. As a result, you can develop a sharper memory and boost your cognitive functions if you’re able to get consistent, uninterrupted sleep through your nightly rituals and practices.

3. Improve Your Mental and Emotional Health

Finally, the last on this list of ways good sleep hygiene can make you healthier is by improving your mental and emotional health. In fact, depression and anxiety are often associated with a lack of sleep. To be specific, about 90% of people with depression have sleeping problems, like insomnia. Aside from that, sleep deprivation can also worsen emotional health issues.

Keep in mind that good sleep hygiene can help you enter the REM phase of sleep. As you know, this phase is when you start dreaming. Additionally, it is also considered a first-aid for emotional problems. The reason is that the REM phase is when you process your emotions. As such, this sleep phase is essential for your emotional and mental health.

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