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How Casino Style Icons Have Influenced Fashion

Most gamblers have been in casinos where some punters don’t give a second thought to fashion. With the evolution of online casinos, this is becoming even more obvious in 2023. However, it’s undeniable that across the course of history, there has been a correlation between fashionable casino goers, and shifts in wider fashion. Here’s a look at how some specific casino-style icons have influenced fashion.

James Bond and His Tuxedos

The slick figure of James Bond cruising casino floors in a tuxedo is synonymous with gambling in the minds of many punters.

Regardless of whether it’s Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, or Sean Connery, James Bond has been influencing fashion more broadly for decades. Over the past 60 years, the clean-cut image of a man playing poker and baccarat has become the style goal for many in the industry. With Bond still featuring on screens today, the impact that this casino-style icon has had continues to grow over the years.

A special shout-out must also go to Bond’s many female companions, who have also had a role in influencing fashion through their casino outfits. These Bond girls are always present in the most stunning gowns with flawless hairstyles, influencing what is viewed as fashionable in wider society.

Ocean’s Eleven and Their Impeccable Suits

In a similar fashion to James Bond and his tuxedos, the whole cast of Ocean’s Eleven put on a magnificent display of fashion across the film.

With a range of casino scenes in Ocean’s Eleven, George Clooney led the charge as his character Danny Ocean strutted the floor clothed in dapper suits. This film and the other sequels set the pace for many years for men’s fashion in general, courtesy of Clooney’s popularity and excellent casino fashion. Add to this the stunning dress suit of Julia Roberts, who mesmerized viewers with her red number when she walked down the stairs in Ocean’s Eleven, and it’s clear that these two fashion icons along with the rest of the cast had an impact on fashion more broadly.

If wearing a pristine suit or a flowing ball gown isn’t quite your idea of a fun night out, then the good news is that since this film came out, the online casino industry has boomed. Now, by heading to and selecting an online casino with the games you enjoy, a night out can occur from the comfort of your own home.

Geraldine McGee and Her Glamorous Gowns

The casino-style icons that have influenced fashion haven’t all been suave men in slick suits. One film star that has had an enormous impact on fashion, in general, is Geraldine McGee in the movie ‘Casino.’

In real life, McGee was a model and showgirl in Las Vegas. In the movie ‘Casino’, Sharon Stone played a character called Ginger, based on McGee’s look and feel. From stunning halter-neck dresses covered in beads to retro metallic sequin dresses and keyhole necklines, woman’s fashion was revitalized through the style of Geraldine McGee portrayed in this film. Even in today’s fashion magazines, plenty of the retro style seen is inspired by McGee and her casino fashion.

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