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“Tag Your Friend” Series Brings the Comedy Behind a Real Friends Group to Life

We all have that one friend, right? Maybe we don’t tell them how their anger scares us. Maybe we don’t tell them to clean up after themselves… or maybe we do!

Tag Your Friend” is an over-the-top comedy web series about friendship and surviving each other’s faults. Produced by Fantasy Forge Films (and starring our very own Malorie Mackey), “Tag Your Friend” is about real friends; however, it is really exaggerated.

The Story of “Tag Your Friend”

The story of “Tag Your Friend” is based around a real founded friendship. Damian King, the leader of the friends group married his high-school sweetheart, Malorie Mackey and moved to Los Angles with Matt Pavlo, the Director of Photography of the series. Matt then married Stephanie Benner, the show’s costume designer. Mickey Woodall was introduced to Damian through his college professor. Shortly after that, Mickey brought Andrew into the mix, and that’s just the basics of this crazy friends group. Everyone who works on the show from the crew to the actors are all actual friends.

Damian, Andrew, and Mickey all believe in laughing as a cure for what ails you. Thinking on that, they had a brilliant idea: What if they took all the bad things people said about them and turned those faults into the faults of the characters in their show? Damian plays the “straight man” who is controlling, judgmental, and often negative. Mickey is emotional and wild. Andrew basically turns being a pushover into a super power. Lastly, Malorie is the obsessive mother figure of the group.

When it’s all said and done, these characters come to life to create a friends group that not many could survive. The laughter in and out of the show is always genuine and exists to teach that owning your faults can be even more fun.

What Makes This Series Unique?

In fact, the thing that stands out about this web series is that it focuses on human faults as the humor. The reality is that every person has flaws. No one is perfect. So why make life hard by stressing and hating others for their issues? Why not embrace the faults of your friends group and learn to laugh away the negative? You never know, when their flaws are called out, people could begin to learn from them, too.

So, call out your friends by tagging them in your favorite episodes of “Tag Your Friend.” You can follow the comedy series, which airs weekly on Wednesdays at 10am, on their Facebook and Instagram pages! So, what are you waiting for? Tag your friends now!


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