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Hidden Hair Colors to Try for a Chic Low-Maintenance Look

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The new year is always an excellent opportunity to update your look. A color change is a great start, but not everyone is up for a full-color switch. There’s a new trend going around that will give you a vibrant look without the obligation to switch hues. Yes, we’re talking about the mesmerizing hidden hair colors! Layering different shades while keeping your natural roots is a dream come true for busy ladies. You can achieve a chic hairstyle in your favorite colors without committing to monthly upkeep. Scroll down for some mesmerizing visuals of hidden hair colors!

hidden hair colors to try for a chic low-maintenance look
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Photo By @goddesslocks_bytay/Instagram

Create a beautiful rainbow below the top layer of your hair for a vibrant appearance. Apply every shade that you love to make the look ultra-colorful and playful.

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