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How to Become a SEXY Victoria’s Secret Model!

Do YOU Want to Become a SEXY Victoria’s Secret Model?

Every woman holds them up on a pedestal, it’s undeniable. They are the end all and be all of goal bodies. Sometimes, they almost seem unearthly- so we guess it’s appropriate that they’re called angels. Every year the same iconic show rolls around. Hot performers, amazing music, and beautiful lingerie are staples of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but there’s something else that we all watch it for… the perfection that is the Victoria’s Secret Model.

They seem to have it all. The perfect bodies, a fun job, and the love of every man on this planet! Well, while the chances of us ending up on that stage are pretty slim, we still thought it’d be fun to tease our imagination and learn how to become a Victoria’s Secret Model. Haven’t you ever wondered how they landed the job? Well it all comes down to a set of requirements like any other job, you know, with the added bonus of all the glamour and lingerie….

Know The Brand

As with any job interview, you’re expected to familiarize yourself with the company and understand what the brand stands for. Well, it’s no different when it comes to becoming a VS model. You need to know the history of the brand and everything it stands for. It’s not enough that you’re currently wearing their products, you need to dig deeper and prove that you’re worthy of being the face of the brand.

Get an Agent

If you’re seriously thinking of pursuing a career at VS, you can’t just roll up with a beautiful body and land the job. You need to hustle for years before even approaching them. Signing to a talent agency is key to getting your name out there and landing enough experience to be considered for the position.

Perfect Your Walk

It’s all about the walk for a VS Model…well, that and an impeccable body and natural beauty. Rocking the runway should come as a second nature to you. You should be able to do it in your sleep, really. Practice makes perfect, so make sure to perfect that effortless flair and cheekiness of the VS Angel walk.

Social Media Star

According to VS’s casting directors, it isn’t just about the look and the walk. There’s a lot more to being a Victoria’s Secret Angel. If you want to roll with Gigi and Kendall, you need to get on their social media presence level. Being active on social media and managing accounts that let your fun and funny personality shine through are  likely to land you the job.

Keep That Body Tight

Lastly, but probably most importantly is your body. While they sometimes seem like mythological creatures, the VS Angel’s are real and so are their bodies. Such perfection takes hours and hours everyday of working out to keep it in that shape. You could perfect all of the above, but if you don’t fit the height and body requirement then it was all for nothing. Their lives may seem glamorous, but the VS Angel’s work super hard every day to keep their bodies in perfect shape. It’s a lifestyle, really!

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