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Has the Code for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Been Cracked?

The NFI Protocol is a personalized approach helping to tackle the chronic disease

More than 30 million Americans have diabetes, and 90-95% of those 30 million have Type 2 Diabetes. That’s over 27 million people in the US alone! Whilst many people are aware that symptoms can be improved with lifestyle, there is currently no formalized treatment to reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

Researchers from Slovakia, however, seem to have developed an effective intervention that could provide the solution! They boast an impressive reversal rate of over 90% after a new intervention they are trialing called the ‘Natural Food Interaction’ (NFI) Protocol; and we’re here to provide an inside scoop of this latest breakthrough.

What causes Type 2 Diabetes?

First, it’s important to note that Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes are very different. Type 1 is where the body’s immune system attacks its own insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas, resulting in the body’s inability to produce insulin. Type 2 Diabetes is a title given to those who have insulin resistance. The body still produces insulin, but it isn’t able to effectively use it.

While the NFI protocol cannot reverse Type 1 Diabetes, their research shows scientific leaps and bounds in reversing Type 2 Diabetes. The NFI researchers blame poor lifestyle habits for the onset of type 2 diabetes, resulting in lipid particles to block insulin receptors. This in turn stops glucose from entering the cells of the body, leading to increased blood sugar and associated type 2 diabetes symptoms.

What is the NFI Protocol and How Can it Help with Diabetes?

The NFI Protocol is a chemical based protocol based on food, which helps people with Type 2 Diabetes enter ‘true remission’, meaning HbA1C at 5.6% or below. To achieve this, the NFI protocol targets lipids to remove the fatty buildup from your insulin receptors. It is a natural, plant-based personalized approach that dramatically helps improve your health and well-being whether or not you have Type 2 Diabetes. It has also been proved to significantly lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The NFI diet plans have already helped 128 Slovakian type 2 diabetes patients lose a combined 2,078kg in under 20 weeks and is responsible for patient after patient to enter remission.

Once signed up for the NFI Protocol, you will be given a very prescriptive meal plan based on your personal parameters. Examples include chia seeds in almond milk with blueberries and lemon tea in the morning for breakfast, blueberries as a snack, baked aubergine stuffed with brown rice, peppers, and onions for lunch, and a Quinoa mixed salad for dinner. And, of course, the meals change up daily on the regimen.

It provides further evidence that natural plant-foods are never a bad thing for your health.

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