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Hair Tools: Be Aware and Take Care

Everyone wants to have strong and healthy hair. However, not all of us know that to achieve this, we also should take proper care of our hair tools. The cleaning process is the most important thing among others. Want to know more details? Then go ahead and read this article!

How to clean the flat irons and straighteners?

The first thing to do is to heat the stuff you are using (chi flat irons, straighteners) a little bit. It will allow you to clean better. After unplugging you should let it cool. Usually, it takes about five minutes. Before wiping the tool, carefully check if it is cool enough to touch. If you had none experience of cleaning hair tools, you may think of getting professional stuff for cleaning, which can be obtained in the hairstyling stores. 

After this, if you see stains, rub them with cotton balls, moistened in alcohol. Then wipe it with the duster damped in water. If your tool is really dirty, you can also use gentle abrasives for cleaning it.

How to clean the hairdryers?

This question can seem to be very difficult for those who use hairdryers regularly. However, it’s not that hard. As you can understand, there can be a lot of hair inside, which can lead to malfunctioning or burning your hair. 

First of all, make sure it is unplugged. Then you can start the cleaning process. To begin with, take the filter (it is usually located on the backside) off. Sometimes you may need a screwdriver. Then put it under the running water to clean. After this is done, your goal is to dry it as well as you can.

If you have problems with filter removing, there’s also a solution: you can put a hose from the vacuum cleaner to the vent to pull the dirt out. You can also do the cleaning manually, by using stuff like a hairbrush.


How to clean the hairbrushes?

How often should you clean your favorite hairbrush? The best answer is at least once a week. You can get a special cleaning tool for combs, or use scissors and another comb to pull the hair out of it. Don’t forget about washing the hairbrush. Once a month is going to be enough.

To wash the hairbrush, you can mix the shampoo or liquid soap with water. The kind of it won’t really matter. To clean all the parts of the hairbrush, you’ll need a toothbrush. It will work perfectly. Note that wooden hairbrushes can be damaged by water. After the washing, rinse the hairbrush and let it dry.

Significance of cleaning hair tools

To begin with, clean styling stuff will make your hair healthier. Where is the connection? The matter is that if you don’t clean your hair stuff, it becomes dirty over time. This leads to spreading bacteria and storing of dead skin. Certainly, the things we have listed cannot make hair look “safe and sound.” Moreover, will you feel comfortable when taking care of your hair with such stuff? The answer is rather obvious.

Besides, if you use some chemicals when combing, curling or straightening your hair, they decompose. The so-called coats on your tools will not allow them to do a perfect job. So, if the tools stop working as they used before, think about this reason. 

The last thing to say about the reasons for cleaning hair stuff is the following one: don’t forget that taking good care of any stuff connected with hair, will enlarge the period of its work. Lint and chemicals will prevent tools from working the way they should.

We hope that the article turned out to be useful for you. Don’t forget about cleaning your hair styling tools, and you will face many changes: your hair will be healthier, and the tools will last longer and better! If you don’t believe what we said, just check it out!

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