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6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Vacuum Cleaner

There are certain appliances that every home must have. These items are so essential for daily living that almost every home in the UK has at least one of each item. Among them is the vacuum cleaner. It is an affordable investment for keeping a clean home. But like all appliances, they need regular maintenance to ensure longevity. Here are six (6) tips for taking care of your vacuum cleaner.

1. Read the User Manual

All user manuals contain best practices and valuable product information for the user. Unfortunately, most users rarely read through the manuals. When you buy a new vacuum cleaner, take some time and go through the user manual. Learn what not to vacuum, how often and when to replace parts, and learn the appropriate settings. A common mistake of homeowners is to vacuum everything. The vacuum cleaner should not be the primary and only means of cleaning. Some things are harmful to your cleaner. So is also using the appropriate setting for different types of floors. For example, a carpet would require a higher setting than a tiled floor.

2. Inspect Filter Regularly

Most new models of vacuum cleaners such as Dyson come with a HEPA filter that is responsible for maintaining indoor air quality. This is an added protection, especially for people with allergies. Check the user manual to see if your cleaner has a filter. If it does, inspect and clean it regularly. And like most vacuum cleaner spares, the Dyson filter replacement can be purchased online from Spares2you.

3. Replace Bag Regularly

Some models of vacuum cleaners come with bags while some don’t. If yours has a paper bag, inspect it regularly for any softness. A good paper bag should be firm. Replace the bag if it feels soft. 

4. Clean the Brush Roll

The brush roll is always in direct contact with the floor and picks up all sorts of dirt, some of which get trapped deep within the brush hairs or wrapped around the roll. For maximum efficiency, the brush roll needs to be free from any material that will slow it down or prevent it from spinning properly. 

5. Don’t Forget to Inspect the Belt

A general rule of thumb is to replace the belt at least once a year. Belts wear out eventually from frequent use. Inspecting it every couple of months lets you determine how quickly it is wearing away or if any damage has happened to it. A loose belt is not only bad for the vacuum cleaner but also dangerous for the user. 

6. Inspect the Power Cord

The power cord can get damaged from the constant push and pull of the vacuum cleaner across the house at full length. Sometimes, the insulation on the cord can get torn, thereby exposing the electrical wire. This can pose a dangerous threat to you and your family. Avoid overstretching the cord and inspect it regularly for safety.  When all efforts to perform any maintenance yourself fails or there is a need for a major fix, consult a vacuum cleaner professional or the manufacturer. Remember, it is an electrical appliance and can pose a serious safety hazard if tampered with. Employing a good maintenance habit will ensure the efficiency and longevity of your vacuum cleaner.

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