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Give the Gift of Joy this Holiday Season with Chvker Jewelry

The holidays are upon us! And after the year we’ve all had, thank goodness for that! Since 2020 has been extra hard on everyone, it should be a major priority to spread cheer this year more than ever before. So how does one go about doing that? One easy way is to provide joy and positivity through a well-thought-out and beautiful gift. Perhaps give a gift from Chvker Jewelry to the special someone in your life to help them have a joyful holiday.

What is Chvker Jewelry?

Chvker Jewelry (which is pronounced “choker jewelry”) is an up-and-coming accessories brand that was founded by Nazlia Yunus who is impressively just 24 years old. Nazlia began making jewelry in her dorm room in college and, through that, found her passion.

Inspired by chokers and 90s jewelry pieces, Nazlia created her brand initially with choker pieces and then expanded beyond this into a full line. It’s no wonder why VIVA GLAM loves this brand, as much of our inspiration comes from the 90’s, as well.

Chvker Jewelry is loved by influencers and celebs alike and is quickly climbing to 300,000 Instagram followers. The pieces at Chvker still have affordable prices despite using high-quality materials such as vermeil and gold. Nazlia still wants her pieces to be affordable to everyone. It’s no wonder why they have become so popular.

The Butterfly Collection

What says joy more than a butterfly? Butterflies have been a symbol of fun, lightheartedness, and joy for many years. Butterflies bring happiness to almost all situations. So, it’s no wonder why the Butterfly collection at Chvker is so popular. The Butterfly Jewelry at Chvker consists of cuffs, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and, of course, chokers. What’s so exciting about these pieces are their ability to be matched and layered. You can find earrings, rings, and necklaces in the same design, and many of the necklaces can be layered with others to create a super stylish and feminine look. At the same time, utilizing a butterfly ring on each finger creates a fun, girly look. So spread joy to your loved ones this holiday by gifting a few layered butterfly necklaces with matching earrings.

The Vermeil Collection

Vermeil is a very sturdy and feminine option for any jewelry piece. Vermeil is silver that has been gilded with gold. It’s much lighter and more durable than an actual gold piece, so many prefer vermeil over any other options. And we can easily see why. The Vermeil Jewelry at Chvker Jewelry is absolutely beautiful and has a lot of personality. You can find something for any jewelry-lover in this collection. We loved the custom-name vermeil necklace so you can have your name customized on your necklace. The Bindi Baguette Eternity Band Vermeil Ring is also absolutely stunning. From earrings to ear cuffs to rings to necklaces, you can find something for anyone here.

So, no matter how you are attempting to do it this holiday season, be sure to spread joy to those around you. It’s something everyone needs right now. And what better way is there to spread joy than with a beautiful and feminine gift from Chvker jewelry?

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