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Give Off Supermodel Vibes With These Effortlessly Chic Hair Blowouts

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Late in the past decade, a lack of effort has become the distinguishing style. After the enormous hair and makeup of the ’90s and the more-is-more aesthetic of the early 2000s, the 2010s were all about natural, minimal makeup and beachy waves à la the Olsen twins. But after a year with few events worthy of a complete makeover, glitz and glamour are back in full force, as are chic hair blowouts.

Moreover, the year 2022 will go down in history as the year of Hairstyles, with trends including the comeback of the ’90s fluffy supermodel blowout and the cult-favorite haircuts from Season 2 of “Euphoria.” We expect that loose, carefree waves will continue to be popular, but that many customers will also want hair that seems to have been styled, whether that means using a throwback roller set to create bouncy layers or trying out Y2K twists and topknots.

This retro hairdo may bring back memories of your youth, but its popularity has skyrocketed in the present day, all because of the video sharing platform TikTok. In the following guide, we’ll explain in detail how to achieve this modern look.

Give Off Supermodel Vibes With These Effortlessly Chic Hair Blowouts 1
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Whether you were a regular 90s blowout wearer or are just now getting on board, you’ll find a newfound sense of pride in your appearance once you learn to perfect this perky, polished look.

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