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Get a Quick and Beautiful Makeup Look with Woosh Beauty

Not everyone is an expert at applying their own makeup. Luckily, with today’s many beauty tools readily available, you really don’t have to be. That’s where Woosh Beauty comes in. Woosh beauty has created tools for anyone with any makeup skill level to easily apply camera-ready makeup fast. Using Woosh Beauty’s tools, you can easily apply your makeup in no time, and it will still look professional.

We really love the Woosh Beauty products here at VIVA GLAM Magazine. And it’s no wonder why! Woosh Beauty is female owned and operated, so the women coming up with their unique designs know exactly what issues women face when applying makeup. No wonder their items are all so practical.

See my video below to watch me create my own Woosh Beauty look. The majority of this look was created using the Fold Out Face Complete Daily Makeup Routine. This ingenious little palette features a complete makeup routine in one portable palette in five easy steps (which are numbered in the palette for your convenience). And the brush that is included comes apart to be multiple brushes. It also comes in 6 different shades, so there is one for everyone.

The Fold Out Face

Step 1: Apply Eye Shadow

For this step, I used their Even Eye Stencils which helped me both protect my under-eye skin from flakes and smears from the eye shadow and also helped me create a symmetrical look in my under-eye shadow application.

I also used the Corner Brush Eye Stamper for this step. This award-winning, first-of-its-kind brush features a patented bent ferrule to make eye makeup application easier than ever. To use it, stamp the product along the outer corner of the eye and use that as a guide to how you should shape your eye makeup.

Step 2: Apply Perfectors

For step 2, apply the concealers found within the kit where you think it is necessary.

Step 3: Apply Contour

The Fold Out Face Palette provides easy instructions on how to highlight and shadow your face for quick and easy contouring.

Step 4: Apply Blush

Two versatile blush colors are offered for you to choose from in your palette.

Step 5: Blenders

Use the blenders and powder to smooth out the contour of the look.

Additional Products Used

Then, to finish off my look after the Fold Out Face, I applied mascara using the Flex and Curl Mascara. This wand offers a straight position to apply mascara on the top lid, but you can twist the bottom of the cap to bend the wand to easily apply the bottom mascara.

Finally, I applied the Spin-on Lip Gloss. The applicator for this spins so you can curve the wand to your lip and apply the lip gloss easier as it spins.



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