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Look Gorgeous in Fresh, Dewy Makeup

Fresh and dewy makeup will make you look youthful, fresh and super sexy!

Watch as Beauty Expert Katarina Van Derham shows you one of her absolute favorite makeup tutorials, Fresh, Dewy Makeup! This look is perfect for summer because it is light and natural and allows your real beauty shine through!

Summer is here and with it comes warmer, balmy weather. You’ll spend more time outdoors too doing activities such as hiking, biking and camping. Initially, you might be thinking, “Why wear makeup at all?” But you still want to look your best, especially if it’s for a first date on a warm summer night!

Keeping this in mind, makeup should be lighter this season, but you still want to look polished and put together. And your makeup should also be dewy, fresh and look effortless. This look is really about showcasing you, not your makeup. And the key is your skin that should look healthy, glowing and natural. Your complexion should also be even as that is the essential key to this look.

It is important to note that this look doesn’t “overdo” it anywhere. Makeup is not heavy and there are no Instagram eyebrows! Instead, you should apply this makeup with a lighter hand and let your natural beauty show though.

Incidentally, all of the products used are 100% cruelty free! So you can feel good about using these items to create a perfectly sun-kissed summer look!

You can create this look quickly and it doesn’t take a lot of time. So you’ll still be out the door in a snap! After all, you have better things to do such as tennis, picnics, rollerblading and so much more! So have fun this summer with fresh, dewy makeup that will make you radiant and beautiful!

Products Used:

Face Moisturizer – Magic Cream by Charlotte Tilbury

Foundation – Aqua Louminous Perfecting Foundation by BECCA in Beige

Beach Stick – Beach Stick in Ibiza shade by Charlotte Tilbury

Makeup Brush –
Cinema Secrets, foundation brush

Concealer – Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher, Color: No. 2

Beach Tint – BECCA beach tint in Lychee/Opal

Face Shimmer – Girlactik 14K Face Glimmer

Eye Brows –
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Chocolate

Face Powder –
Cinema Secrets loose powder –

Eyeshadow –
Luxury Palette by Charlotte Tilbury “The Golden Goddess”

Eyeshadow –
Luxury Palette by Charlotte Tilbury”The Dolce Vita”

Mascara – any cruelty-free brand

Eyeliner –
Charlotte Tilbury’s Eye Powder Pencil in Classic

Lips – Fou Fou Glam Glow Lip Gloss

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